Wednesday, March 24, 2010


dear family

yes i am all better. dont worry about that im feeling fancie free (never understod that phrase. i always like fanciness). But i am writing this wednesday becuase monday we didnt have change meeting like normal. there was a bus strike and they were blokcing the highways into the capital and so no elders could go to the meeting. that means we had changes tuesday and district meeting today. my new comp is elder bueno from el salvador. president gives me the boxes marked ¨requires patience¨

so now me and my district are here using the net. first mom to respond to your question i think for my plaque i would like 3rd nephi 5 13. i am a disciple of jesus christ the son of god. that one.

so last week a member started talking smack about my preisdient. the mission is getting divided and this part of the mission will no longer be a part of pres. bald. mission. the member was saying he was doing this because he hated this area and it was low baptising and he just wants to boost his numbers so hell look good to salt lake. he told me ¨all you gringos want is applause and for people to think you are doing good. Your presient cares about numbers not souls¨ i lit in to that guy like no bodys bussines. i have never been so close to slapping a man like a child as i was in that moment. i went off for about 2 minutes and said that president baldwin had been set apart by an apostle of the lord to be in his position. i then asked if he sustained the 12 as prohets seers and revelators. i was so mad and just typng now i am getting all skaky again. wow i wnated to kill that guy.

so elder lowry has 2 pastors in his area that always give him trouble. whenever he talks about them he says ¨stupid pastors¨ say that 3 times fast. every time i think hes cursing. hahaha

so last week as a zone we played american football. i dont know if all of you have realized this but im not the most coordinated person in the world, a shock to you all i know, but its true. but we started to play football and amidst my mediocre skills i made afew very awesome one handed catches (which isnt hard over the heads of 5 foot guats). All my other bad palys were erased with those good moves. then i made the comment (jokingly) ¨gentlemen, im like a unicorn.....i dont show up often, but when i do....its spectacular.¨after that every play i made everyone shouted unicorn unicorn. not my favoite nickname but ill take it. hahahah

so fill me in on the progress of the temple in thatcher plese. when will it be done? and please tell the browns ill be praying for them.

what else happened? oh we have two baptismal dates for april and im really excited about that. oh and now elder mobley is in my district!!! him and elder gropp who i entered the ccm with. what are the odds? but life is good here.

um chels im pretty sure i was in the circle. but lets be honest who knows.

ill be sending home another disk soon with pictures and video. i still havent got my package but soon i bet and kates that package hasent come from you either. but its all good.

gotta run

elder davis

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Rylee said...

stupid pastors...very funny.