Monday, March 29, 2010

Fight Boys and Never Give In!!!!!

Hey fam

Not alot to write this week. Ok thats not true at all.

So a member gave me a reference. Its her friend who has read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. her name is FabioIa. I couldn't believe it but we went to visit her and she has read the whole book of Mormon already and has a testimony that its true. She marks her book of Mormon and goes to institute classes. She came to church this week and then afterward i talked to her. I asked her if she thought the Book of Mormon was the Word of God. She said yes. I said ¨ïf the book of Mormon is the word of God then Joseph Smith was a prophet right?¨ she agreed. I then said if Joesph Smith was a prophet then Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and our Church (La Iglesia de jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias) is the true church¨she agreed again. I then said ¨Sister Fabiola will you follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ and be baptized into the only true and living Church upon the face of the earth¨ She said yes. She will be baptised on April 11th if all goes correctly. Shes pretty amazing. I have really been praying for a chosen person to teach and thanks to my new comp (more obedient than the last) we are beginning to have some miracles.. We are still working on the two boys that are supposed to get baptised this month as well. Today is also the beginning of Semana Santa which is the apostasy filled celebration of the catholic Church for Easter. Lots of food and processions (i sent a video of a procession on the last disk) and general partyness.

Thanks for the news about the thatcher temple. im bumbed i wont be able to see the dedication but ill go there when i get back home.

Speaking of thatcher i had a really funny dream. I Had a dream (in Spanish of course) i was back in thatcher at school. i knocked on a friends door and she answered. She asked me to come in but first i asked if there was a man over the age of 18 in the house. HAHAHA and then after a few minutes in the house i had a panic attack and yelled WHERE IS MY COMPANION!!!! and then i went running searching for him. now i dream about being a missionary even when I'm dreaming about home. But these dreams are pretty common apparently. mission dreams. sometimes i dream that i teach a lesson. just a normal lesson. yep.

so last night i called the zone leaders to report in and while iwas searching for my weekly numbers (baptisms lessons taught and all that) i could hear elder Johnson (my zl from snowflake) singing the lobo fight song as loud as he could! i was laughing so hard and then i answered and he said i could sing him our fight song if i wanted. I didn't....ill get him back some other way at zone conference or something. its so weird that we are both from up there it blows my mind. In our zone there are actually a few arizonanas.. elder fisher, sister waldie ,me, elder johnston. In the mission there are probably 15 in total. cool beans.

me and elder bueno are actually getting along pretty good. i think we should do fine as long as we both stay patient. but i´m learning to be patient out here.

sad to hear about little nash tell him im praying for him. and i am praying for the browns i hope everyone is getting through this ok. I hope bauer is doing fine as well.

gotta run love elder davis

ps yes i get to watch conference. in english! whoo hooo!

pps i get to call home again in like a month. hahaha crazy!

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reference = referral