Monday, March 15, 2010

How do you say migraine in Espanol?

Hey there famdamily


Wow things are CRAZY here! first of i want to ask a small lame thing....have you changed my blog picture recently?

ok first....i was sick this week. i had to go to Joyobaj (about 90 minutes in bus) for something and on the ride back i got a horrible migraine. By the time we got home i could hardly walk and i called our investigators to tell them we weren't going to come by that day. I decided to go upstairs and try and sleep. But then i found out the guy on the other side of our wall was doing construction or something and so all i heard was a sledgehammer beating the wall i was trying to sleep against. That made my headache worse and after about ten minutes i went back downstairs....on the way there my stomach sent a telegram to my brain saying ¨mr. davis you remember that lunch you had....well, it wants to get reaquainted¨ then the vomiting began. I was vomiting so violently and so bent over the toilet that at one point the toilet water splashed up and hit me in the face. i slumped down on the ground, a mixture of toilet water and puke running down my shirt (funny comment, rice and really spicy chilly are really really really spicy on the way back up). But as i sat there all i could think of was ¨i wish i had a picture of this¨

we then called a man that lived near by to come over and give me a blessing. his name is edgar maldonado. he came and they game me a blessing. his wife (chandi, my favorite member here) brought me some herbal tea stuff and an electrolyte drink. she was in ´mom mode´ and it was very clear that i was far away from my mom, and so she was assuming the responsibility. but about ten minutes later i felt much better, fell asleep and the next day i felt perfect.

then 3 days later i had to go to joyobaj again to do a baptismal interview (a family of 4!!!!!) and the sickness struck Again. I had to leave the interviews 2 or 3 times to vomit. The whole family could see me as i ran to the bathroom and heard me as i vomited up EVERYTHING i had eaten in the last 48...weeks. it was bad. I ended up finishing the interviews laying on the cool tile floors while they sat in the chair. It was bad.

but now im all better.

we also had a really cool activity this week. a local philosophy teacher called us and asked us if we could do a presentation of our beliefs for a few of his students. and by a few i mean ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY! 140 students from 17 to 20 years old showed up and our chapel and wanted to know ¨the Mormon view of Christianity and the role of Jesus Christ in our theology.¨it was sweet. we taught the first lesson, Prophets, apostasy, Joseph smith and a huge focus on the book of Mormon. at the end of an hour we opened it up for questions. we received many standard questions my favorite was ¨so your telling us that YOUR church us the one god wants us to follow, and not any of the ones we go to?¨ i answered her by saying that God has aways had his chosen people with whom he makes covenants and whom are ¨right¨. I bore testimony that we are that group of people today and that while all other churches are excellent institutions, only one has the actual approval of God and Jesus Christ. One student asked ¨do you believe in the sacrament?¨ i said what does the bible say? he sat down in silence. another asked us if we believe in the saints and if we celebrate the catholic holidays. i said what does the bible say? none of that is in the bible and we do not belive it. That was kinda rough for some of our catholic friends. but it was an awesome activity and we are going to have alot of success because of the it.

so my package hasn't come yet but im sure it will soon. singing at zone conference went really great and president Baldwin said ¨bien hecho sinceramente¨ so we felt good about it. and yes rylee the pictures got here and i love them! but i do have a question.,....does nash have hair? i think its him in a picture but i don't know.

and thanks for ruining the office secret for me rylee....just kidding.

but not alot else is going on. this next week i wont email til Wednesday because it is the end of the transfer. i still dont know if we have changes or not but ill let you know what happened next week.

gotta run love ya

love elder cr davis


Rylee said...

SO SO sad that he got so sick. How awful. I'm glad he's over it. Boy is he funny though! Great letter!

Markee said...

the story about him being so sick made me cry! Something about not having your mom just blows!! Good letter though!!

Chelsee said...

I am so grateful to that lady that was in mom mode! I was kind of bracing myself for an awful picture of his barf. Glad he chose not to take one.