Monday, April 19, 2010

More Tremors!

Dear Family

Good to hear from you. I don't know why you are so excited about me looking for a house mom. But i found something that might work. The scary part is that President Baldwin is going to come up this Wednesday and see the house i have ready. Me and the mission Secretaries are scrambling to get everything together. We´ll see what happens. Mom did you get the pictures i sent you? well a lady in my ward emailed them. They are pictures of me and elder neil l anderson. I sent them but you never said anything about them. ill send them again.

good to hear about the changes in the ward. thats too bad that the rickerts are leaving. But then again ill get to see them when i go back to EAC. And is sure hope tj gets out there soon. Waiting is the worst ever.

About the natural disasters. We had another tremor here yesterday. i was eating my guatemalan version of ´froot loops´ at about 7 am when the house shook a tad bit. CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING A PREDICTION... i predict that an earthquake like the ones in chile or china is going to hit guatmala very soon. It is going to be a big one. I ave felt that since i was in the MTC here and i still believe that before i finish my mission we are going to see a big one.

but dont worry about me,

This sunday that is coming we are going to have a baptism! In the mountains that is a big deal. The mountains are supposedly ¨hard areas¨ becuase they are very catholic and very hostile. I would compare them to a european mission. But if you work right and are obedient the lord will give you chosen people. Im not perfect but i think i ahve qualfied for the trust of the lord, to the point that we are going to have a baptism. the font in my chapel hasent been used in almost a year. in guatmala that is unnaceptable. But her name is fabiola, ive already told you a little about her. ill send pictures.

also mom i have a favor to ask of markee. if you could get on my facebook and gmail accounts and sign in so that they remain active and dont get deleted. that would be great.

things are good. here. Im still having problems with disobedience in my district but its nothing the lord cant handle. by the way mom bauer wrote me back. he sounds like hes doing good.

not alot else going on here. i am going to the ruins in mixto viejo. they were in the liahona a few months back. we are going tommorow to see them for p day. i also have a package i am going to mail home. its going to have a native outfit for the little girs to play with. it should fit lowee and them. its kinda small but the skirt (corte its called) part is really beautifl and its exactly what the little girs here wear. i also plan on sending some shirts and stuff and a woven bag. and maybe those huge boots i never use mom. hahaha

speaking of boots im using the ones my trainer (elder philip michael jenson dont you know) gave me because its starting to rain here. in the mountians its not so bad but in the coast its ridonkulous. there is probably a youtube video that you could watch to prove my point. being sent to the coast would be really lame at this time of year. it rains like crazy and is as hot as...infierno. But well see what happens. transfers are the 3rd of may.

other than that all is well and im working hard.

oh one more story....i went on divisions with the zone leaders. as you may remember one of them is elder travis johnston from snowflake arizona. i went with his companion and elder j came here to quiche. while i was in his house i wrote the fight song and picture of an elk killing a wolf and hid it in his scriptures and then took a picture with HIS camera of me putting his lobo hat in the toilet. that was his punishment for singing his wretched song to me. hahahaha i am gonna miss him hell be going home soon.

but i gotta go. hablamos la proxima semana.

speaking of that i will be calling for mothers day. my phone number is 40456357. do whatever you did last time and ill let you know what day to call me. thts the easiest way to do it. can you believe its time to call again? this week i hit ten months in the mission. CRAZY

love ECRD

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