Monday, April 5, 2010

Race and real estate?

Dear family

so ive decided that im going to begin growing a part. i will return and report soon the progress of my part.

isnt that crazy that im calling home in about 1 month? and in 3 months ill be half way done with my misison? CRAZY!!!

i have seen half of the general conferences i will see in my mission.

oh and did you know that in english, spanish and k´che (native dialect) when people get hurt, all of them say OUCH! food for thought.

so conference was great, i got to watch it with elder mobley, elder fisher (mesa az) and elder gropp (nowhere Idaho) in english. the talks were all amazing and i didnt get to see the first session either. our branch president slept in and we hd to get wake him up to open the church. lame.

Elder holland have the 4th of 4 ridicuous talks! the first was the minsistering of angels, the second his atonement talk, the 3rd about the BOM and the 4th about pornography. wow how awesome! he never fails to dissapoint. i love all the talks and elder rasbands about choosing mission callings was awesome.

during one break inbetween sessions we were watchin the ´mormon comercials¨ that they ahve and one came on (im sure you saw it) it was in spanish with english subtitles. Mobes had his back to the screen and when it was over he said ¨shoot man i understood that crap!¨ it was really funny because at last general conference....we didnt understand much.

Also i knew 2 people in the orem choir. well one really. his name was dan garner and he was an efy councilor with me. the other was the ex girlfriend of an elder i know,she literally dumped his a month ago and is now engaged. just when he thought he was over it...bam there she was in conference! ahahahh salt in the wound.

i have to travel a TON this week as well and it will be crazy. there is an area called cunen way north of me and it will be getting 2 missionaries of its own this next month. i have to go buy them a house to live in. well find one for the mission to buy. that should be fun. im going to use my missionary skills to do it. ill knock a random door and tell them who i am and that i am looking for a house. i will then ask them if they would be interested in helping me. if they say yes i will promise them blessing for their effort and ask them if they know any other houses we can visit. this mission business is paying off after all. hahahaha

so i got my hands on a copy of the talk ¨the meaning of the atonement¨ by cleon skousen. its so amazing and you sould listen to it for your next FHE. i assume you can find it on youtube. do it.

weve had some pretty dramatic things happen in the district this last week and when the dust settles ill let you in on what happened. it was pretty weird and im not sure what will happen. i didnt do anything so calm your tortillas, it could get prety serious if the accusations are true. but its not anyhting to worry about. but i REALLY want to gosip about it. but i shall wait until the reports can be verified. hahaha

tell eric hamblin i got his letter. ill write him back soon.

wow bauers letter was really good. we actually had an elder in our zone whose mom passed away this week. were all prayign for him. mom can you get me bauers mission email address?

where was TJ was headed on his mission agian?

thats too bad to hear about granny hamblin. can she still walk and stuff.

chels thanks for the pictures and good luck on finding work up there. maybe you could go agianst the norm and LEAVE american and COME to guatmeala looking for a job. it would be revolutionary. actually there isnt work here either so dont come. and as for your question about my spanish....i feel really good about it. i now dream and think in spanish, sometimes i start talking witrh the other gringo misssionaries in spanish and dont notice. and im not afraid to answer the phone or order at fast food restaurants anymore. as elder mobley put it ¨shoot man i understand that crap¨. and in almost every prayer i have offered since june 24th 2009 i have asked the lord to bless me with the gift of tounges and i also aways thank him for the ability i have been given to communicate in this language. and the KEY to learning a language as a missionary is obedience with exactness. so there ya go.

other than that not alot going on. i see saras brother elder winters quite often now as i have to go to meeting in the capital. thats pretty cool. and my zone leader is still a bleedin blue and white lobo. small world.

good to hear about the family, we will talk in email next week and on the phone in 1 month! may 8th i think it is.

see ya later
love elder davis

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Rylee said...

calm your tortillas..hahaha he's so funny.