Monday, April 12, 2010

Real Estate in Cunen

Dear Family

So I'm not sure why your so excited about me looking for houses. The mission Secretaries do it all the time. Its not that big of a deal. But ill let you know what happened. the Secretaries came here to quiche and we went on divisions. I went with elder musick and his comp stayed with mine in quiche. Elder Musick and i got to drive to cunen in the mission car and with his professional house finding skills we went a lookin. The problem is that cunen is tiny and so there aren't alot of houses for sale. The church is also really specific about the houses we can use, we have to have a private pila (water trough thing) and private bathroom. That might seem like a no brainer in the states but here its actually hard to find a house with a private bathroom and shower. But we found two that might work. One is in a building of 4 apartments. the only problem is that the bathrooms are shared. so we might rent all 4 houses just to have our own private bathroom. it would be 1500 quets (187 dollars) every month. the other house is a mansion we found that they want alot of money for. Its understandable the house is new and really nice but we are trying to talk them down. Right now they want 2500 quets (312 dollars). Well see what they say. But me and elder music went cruising in the mission car and talked about the changes that are coming up in the mission and i tried to get info out of him but he didn't want to talk hahaha. But well see what new elders i get in my district that are going to cunen. But it wasn't that exciting looking for houses. really.

But i do want to tell you a little about semana santa or holy week. Its Easter week and the people here celebrate in a really weird way. They basically reenact the stuff from the last week of jesus´s life. including physically beating a man who looks like Jesus in the city square. they all dress up like Romans and beat him. last year he went to the hospital supposedly.and then there are processions which is were they carry statues of saints and all that around while playing really loud band music. they make carpets of pine needles and colored saw dust for the procession to pass over in the streets. you might consider google imaging semana santa in Antigua Guatemala and you´ll see the carpets. semana santa was crazy nuts.

so i´ve had the weirdest impression that tami crosby is pregnant. is it true? i don't know why....

but ya cunen was cool i have a feeling my comp is going to go live there. But the thing is that anyone who is in my district when June rolls around will become part of a different mission because they are dividing and changing all the boundaries. so if someone gets out at the end of this change (3rd of may) they would go to the new mission, and there is also one opportunity to get out one change after this one. but anyone who stays in district quiche becomes part of the other mission. I'm praying i don't go.

other than that not alot is going on. some of the elders in my district are having discipline problems and its really wearing on me. I'm working hard with the zone leaders to get us all how we should be but the problem is that they don't want to change. they will straight up tell me to my face i don't care about that rule and i m not going to follow it. the worst part is that they act like angels in front of president and the zone leaders. i only share this to let you know that elders are not perfect. that's what i thought before the mission. we might actually have to have emergency changes with some of these elders. but its ok im happy and the Lord will see the obedient missionaries through.

but as for baptisms our lady fabiola davila has to wait because she got sick and couldnt come to church and so we had to change the baptismal date. but she is still really excited about getting baptized and has such as strong testimony., i should be sending pictures of me in white real soon

gotta run love race

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Kates said...

disobedient missionaries is not good at all! and race being in charge of them....that stinks! he sounds great as always!