Monday, May 31, 2010


Dear Family

Wow. Of all the weird Guatemala weeks Ive had....i think this one takes the tortilla.

It all started Thursday when elder Romero and i were in the house making some calls and we felt an earthquake tremor. Only about 5 seconds and then it left. It made us stop for a moment but then we went back to normal. A tremor like that here is something to strike up a conversation with but nothing horribly strange. Then that night we were teaching a family whose house if made of tin. Lots of people live like that and it makes rain REALLY LOUD. And so we were getting ready to teach them a lesson when we heard something weird. We thought someone was throwing rocks at the house until it started coming really strong. Its hail we said. We went outside to check it out and while we were watching i stuck my hand out to grab a hunk of ice. But what to my surprise when i caught a black rock the size of a pea. That's odd i thought. then we realized it wasn't hail falling but volcanic rock.

Volcano Pacaya (right next to my old area in palin, i wrote about pacaya a few times) went all second coming up on us and started erupting. Rocks the size of cantaloupes were supposedly falling in amatitlan and palin but we just got little ones. The rocks eventually stopped but a light ¨snow¨ started to fall. Its pure black volcanic sand but it fell like snow all night until the whole capital was covered in about a half inch of the stuff. It was extremely weird. That night if you listened closely you could hear the volcano (many miles away) rumbling in the darkness like a hungry stomach. It was just like on Lord of the Rings and it was SWEET!! My comp and i just laughed mostly

Then 2 days later tropic storm Agatha payed a visit. In our part of the capital it wasn't too horrendous but we did have a lot of water and tons of wind. In the coast areas of the mission several people died from landslides and collapsed lamina houses (see 1st paragraph) and that kind of stuff. Of course all the elders are fine but it was pretty weird. So now not only is there a bunch of sand everywhere there are mudslides and floods and stuff. Its all calming down and I'm sure next week the roads will all be back to normal. As for us it really doesn't effect us much. Just a little more wet and weird sand in our shoes.

However, Saturday night the Agatha storm was causing quite a bit of ruckus and the area presidency decided to cancel Sunday meetings. Ironically the next day it was pretty calm but they had to make the decision that night and that night it was kinda dangerous. so we blessed the sacrament in the house (yes, with the permission of the bishop) and spent the morning studying. it was cool beans.

the changes for the mission will happen june 8th and ive got a pretty good idea about whos going. ill let you know when i now for sure but its gonna be a wieird change. if mobes leaves ill never see him again in the mission.

not alot else im gonna attach pictues now so this is all ill write. the people are bagging up the sand and the government is passing by and picking it up. i vote we put it BACK in the volcano just for paybacks.

love elder davis

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