Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back in the Capital with gunshots and pizza!

hey hey!
well am im sure youve noticed i didnt write yesterday. thats becusae we had changes. and yes i had a transer. i am no longer in the mountains but i am now in the CAPITAL AGAIN!!! I am literally 3 minutes from my first area (guajitos) and i will see my converts from that area regularly. i am with elder romero from honduras and he is awesome!!! he eats like a honduraneon but i like him.

so i have heard prretty much what happended in az with the law and all but the people here are MAD!!!!! last night i toild a guy i was from arizona and he stopped in his tracks and asked well are you a racist too? it pretty lame but ya the guats are mad.

so im sad to leave the mountains and all the corte and culture and all that. i bought a bunch of corte before leaving and ill be sending it home soon in a package. i am pretty proud of myslef i can finnaly tell where a person is from by looking at there corte. i have wanted to be able to do that for a while. but now im back in the land of cockraches and random acts of violence. but its all good.

mom, elder johnston comes home in 2 changes. so that means about august ish. hahaha hes a good kid im sure you will get a kick out of the little guy.

as far as the pictures of grandpa and brother mccall i think i took them ith my slr camera and so they will be in that part of the c omputer. they arent with the rest of the photos but are in the olympus file or something like that. reece can help you.

the first thing i ate here in the cap was pizza. it had been months since id had pizza. what did i buy? a little ceasers caliente y listo!!!! only 35 quets dont ya know. hahahaha

but yep im in the cap again and all is well. id forgotten what gunshots sounded like until i was walking home from the bishops house monday night, oh sweet guate.....

but all is well the pictures are sweet my comp is gonna flip he wants to be a pilot in honduras.

gotta run


ps about mothers day call me on sunday. dont use the number i gave you last time!!!!!! 5524-0645 that is the NEW number and just do what you did last time with the international codes and all. you can call me for 40 minutes on sunday afternoon at 3. remember the time chages and all that. make sure the whole famdamily is there.

gotta go

elder davis

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