Monday, May 17, 2010

This is a must read!

Hey fam,

So seven people have died within 5 blocks of my house since i last wrote you.

Hows that for an opening line? Yep right after writing you last week i walked back to the house and we stumbled across a murder scene. I tortilla lady was sitting in her little tortilla shop and a guy walked in and shot her 5 times. Why? she didn't pay her taxes to the local gangs. That's how they roll here. But as Preach My Gospel says the only thing that can bring peace to a shattered world is the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Other than that this week we also had some obedience problems. My comp and i had to go and ¨dar chicote¨ to this elder that just lied to our face when we approached him about it. It was too bad and he was immediately taken out as district leader. Sad.

But i have pictures of a bus that has bullet holes in it I'm gonna send. The violence here doesn't really scare me i hope it doesn't scare you all. Because, for example, elder Romero and i were walking down the street and he told me that he didn't like the feeling he got in that street. We´ve now made it a point to avoid that street. The lord will look out for us as long as were obedient and listening. I have full confidence that the lord will protect me from any danger....and if its not his will to protect me.....well I'm sure preaching on the other side of the veil is easier. You don't have to walk as much.

But life is good we have some baptismal dates coming up that we are excited for and me and elder Romero are doing great. He is one of my favorite companions for sure. Hes learning English and the most recent phrase i taught him was ¨dont you ever tell me how to live my life¨. That is my favorite thing to teach ever.

IM gonna send some pics sorry the letter is so short. but loading pictures takes time.

Love elder Davis


Chelsee said...

i did Not need to see those bullet holes. but he is funny as always.

Rylee said...

ok, i'm glad he isn't scared because i sure the hell am! good grief!!

Markee said...

scares the crap out of me!! We pray for his safety like crazy everyday!!!