Monday, May 10, 2010

hey hey

ya not alot to report since the phone call either. It was good to talk to you all. When the phone rang my comp said ¨mommy gringa is calling¨ hahah cool beans.

the first order of bussines would be to tell you about the hollister pants i found in a paca. They are real and they only cols me 35 quets. Thats about 3 dollars. not bad. i thought it was pretty sweet.

also i have parted my hair. ill send pictures. i think it looks pretty good without drifing into nerdy territory. i kinda do look like that picture of grandpa i think,.

the other thing i was gonna comment was the top. Me and my comp have been playing like crazy iwth a spinning top...but the kind that uses a string, the kind that you throw. It is sweet and i can finally do it. Thats my new obesession and i do it for an hour or so before i go to bed in the nights. and mom tell reece i want the skinny on this new arizona law. i live by the airport and every day TONS of people get shipped back here in planes and i wanna know the specics on the law and all that. por favor y gracias.

not alot else im now gonna attach some pics.

i forgot to test me card out mom but ill let you know next week.

love race

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Grandma Esther said...

It was so good to read your blog. I have not been on the computer for several weeks so didn't know what was going on with all our family. Only by phone calls which I do quite often. It sounds like your mission is wonderful. Your dad got me up to date on your activities when he called me for Mother's day. Keep up the good work. Grandpa and I are so proud of you and love you lots.