Monday, May 24, 2010

Rain rain go away away!

Today is my eleven month mark...that's weird.

So fam i hope all is going well with you, the party for grandpa looked really cool too bad i wasn't there. But i always use grandpa as an example when we teach the work of wisdom. A life living the commandments of the church is normally a long life.

That's cool that elder winters said that about me. I look up to him a lot hes a great elder. I just saw him at a council in the mission office this week. Buena onda este cuate.

Life here is still cool, elder Romero and i made up a game where you get to punch your comp when you see someone wearing red pants. ¿I mean who has the guts to wear red pants in public? When you make a point to look for them....there are a lot of red pants around here. We punch each other regularly.

We had three baptisms this week which was really cool, one man named Edgar and two daughters of a member man who married a non member with 2 daughters here in the ward. We found a family of 7 here in our area this week and we are really excited about that because the motto of the central mission is NOSOTROS BAUTIZAMOS FAMILIAS: We baptise families. A family of seven would be the coolest ever. we are really praying that our next visit with them will be really powerful. The key is to demonstrate the power and authority of our message in the first visits. If they feel the same when they talk to us as when they talk to their pastor or other missionaries, we aren't doing our job. when ¨los mormones¨ visit they should feel different and the house should be a better place when we leave an appointment. In that way they can recognize us as personal messengers of the Lord. so we are trying to be ¨pilas¨ this week for them.

but not alot else is going on.....all the old classic elders are leaving the mission and its making me sad. For example the assistants that were serving when i got here, my first zone leaders, and all that generation are dying off. Its weird to think I'm part of that generation for the new kids that are entering right now. weird.

it rained the hardest rain I've seen in Guatemala in my mission this week. We were so wet we just put away the ponchos and the umbrella and purposely walked in the gutter just because. we were singing hymns and laughing the whole time because it was so RIDICULOUS. The water came up almost to my knee walking in the street. Haahaha my companion said to me ¨Elder do you know where the other churches missionaries are at? In their houses dry!!!!¨ It was funny. But we had appointments.

Gotta go i love you and well talk next week.

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