Monday, June 7, 2010

Black snow?!?

hey fam

elder davis here. i dont think the pictures got sent last week but ill try and send them this today.

this week was fun, really laid back. we are now in the last week of the change which is crazy! elder romero and i have been rtogether for a whole change. i am almost positive i dont have a change but if i do ill let you know. no matter what ill email wednesday. i doubt ill have a change though and im sure i wont go back to the mouintains. maybe for the last 2 months of my mission or something like that. but i doubt it.

so we went on divisions with the assistants a while back. elder hatch came to my area and we spent the day together. it was really fun, he is a great missionary and we laughed alot. why you might ask. the answer: LUNCH.

We went to eat our lunch like normal with the member lady that cooks for us. when she brought us the food i couldnt believe it. it was a soup`consisting of 3 items. the first was platano, which is just a big banana basuically. so banana, something called whiskil which is a green squash-gourd thing, and something which i dubbed ¨corn log¨. corn log was yellow, with about the taste of a potato mixed with just a little dirt, and it had the texture of.....a log. it was about the size of half a corn cob. just those 3 things in a stew.

squash, banana and corn log. that is not a corrdinated dish amigo.

elder hatch and i began to eat and our questions then began to start

¨do you like this?¨
¨what is this¨
¨are you sure this isnt a decorative potpuri or something like that¨
¨why does my mouth feel dirty?¨
¨what is this?¨
¨are you as scared as i am elder?¨
no seroiusly....WHAT IS THIS??¨

it was the weirdest food expierience i have had in my 20 years of existence. my respect goes to elder hatch because he finished almost the whole thing. i stopped using my stomach and started using my head. i soon found a way to satisfy all parties involved. the answer: tyson, the german sherperd.

yes thats right tyson the family perro lent us a paw. that way the lady (who was not in the room) didnt get offended, my stomach would live to digest another day, and tyson....ok lets be honest tyson kinda got left out in the rain. i mean i think at the time the corn log was delicous unto him, but i am equally sure his inevitable diarea was unearthly.

we have plans to change ladys. soon.

and i also found this week the suit i am going to buy before i come home from this distant land. there is a member who is a tailor who makes a hand measuered suit for 1000 quets. that is cheap. the best part is instead of a silk lining on the inside it has a guatemalan flag. it is so sweet and a few elders in the mission have one. i plan buyiung it later on to replace the suit i am currently using.

other than that the only news would be that i am going back to solola tommorow to visit the lake with the zone. its an activity we planned and president gave us permission. and while im there im going to buy a woden top.

i have become obbesed with tops. but the kind you throw rthat has a string and all that. i learned how to ¨dance the top¨ as you say in spanish and i love them. mine are plastic but im gonna buy a wooden one there tommorow. ill send a video of me demonstarting my skills. if the whole college thing doesnt work ourt im highly considering a career in tops. ive got wicked pilas skills.

love ya

elder davis

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Markee said...

He cracks me up! I love the "lunch" story! And the crazy cool picture!!!