Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good-bye Elder Mobley and other good buddies!

Hola familia

Hey there its elder davis here. This week was changes as you know, for that reason i am writing on wednesday. I did not have a transfer and i am still in cerro grande with elder romero. We are happy about that and we look forward to another change together. IN other news this week the elders went to the other mission. And unfortuantely Elder Mobley is no longer in my mission. I am really sad we wont get to celebrate a year together (which is coming up soon by the way) and i wont beable to see him until after the mission. But i know i will see him after the mission and its what the lord wants. Several other really good buddies left the mision incuding elder Gropp and elder Vega. But ¨que será será.¨

Oh and cassidi thank you so much for the email! I cant respind to you personally but im glad you are keeping up with the blog. If you ahve questions or whatever i can answer them in this email. Love ya!

This week we did go on a zone trip to panajachel (also known by some as the waters of mormon). That is right up in the mountains in my old neck of the woods. I was glad to be back in the montains and i felt really important because i was explaining all the mountians customs and corte and all that to the otehr elders. I felt like an expert. Speaking of corte i may or may not have bought even more corte there in the market at Panajachel. So that will be making its way home soon. I am thinking about mailing a package but also elder johnston (snowflake) is ending his mission soon and i may send alot of it home with him. Well see how that works out and ill keep you posted.

Other than that not alot is going on. My companion and i put (¨set¨ in english right?) 4 baptismal dates yesterday. We are really excited about that because its a super awesome family.

I think i might be putting on wieght but who knows.

Good to hear about the trek and all that sounds like fun. And WHAT THE HECK!!!! a plane flew into my high school????? Everytime we use internet we do it together as a group and so everyone is shouting out there news like ¨my sister had her baby¨ or ¨my best friend got his mission call¨ or ¨awwww my neice is walking¨ I totally took everyone by surpise when i said ¨uhhhhhh a plane crashed into my high school...¨ wow thats nuts. So sad to hear about the people that died. Luckily no none else was hurt. And also luckily dad tells me my C average records were burnt to ashes. Ha! Prove it now!!!

I still cant take money out of my card but i can buy as im sure the record shows.

Well i better run but kiss the niños and take care

Love elder davis

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Markee said...

HAHAH Dying about his C average burning, I never thought of that!! He looks great in all the pictures, can't believe it's been a year!!!