Monday, June 21, 2010

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

Hello family

Good week here in the land of milk and tortillas. All is well and this week i hit ONE WHOOOOOOOOLE year in the mission field.

But i really dont want to hit the year mark because that will mean that i have less time left than i have in the field. I have to start counting backwards. I dont like that at all. Elder romero and i have plans for my 1 year celebration. hahahah

in other news mom, to answer your question elder hatch is from utah. and we havent gone back to eat with that lady since then.

So the people that live below us have like 5 bulldogs that are always making noise. the worst part is the sirens. I'm sure you´ve all seen how dogs howl when they hear sirens. Well as i{ve explained to you Zona 21 here in the capital is not the most tranquil place to live and so there are always sirens blaring. and so those dumb dogs are always howling. I hate it to be honest with you and my comp and i have a plan involving poisoned meat. I wont go into details.

Also just yesterday we were walking down the street when we stopped to talk to some members we met. We were standing there when a drunk came up and said ¨Hey brothers!!¨ i left the group to talk to him so he wouldn't bother the members. He tried to hug me but then fell down he was so drunk. He kept saying he had something important to tell me but finally just kinda wandered off. I went back to the conversation with the members and then we said goodbye. As we were leaving we passed the drunk leaned against a car and my comp just said to him ¨hey, don't drink¨

I don't know where the aggression came from, nor the sudden agility and coordination, but in a flash he had all 3 and began to chase us down the street. It was so funny we were dying laughing cause he couldn't run hardly at all but he was determined to catch us and we were just jogging in front of him laughing and laughing. He eventually dropped and we stopped running. But it was pretty dang funny. Apparently he didn't want advice from the Mormons.

Then we talked to a dude that was the equivalent of a surfer bum. He was using the weirdest funniest slang and was just real ¨mellow man¨. He said the following: ¨actually ya some dudes were coming by here to talk to me and stuff. It was pretty groovy man, there was 2 of them all dressed in white like you guys. Missionaries man. Ya bro they were totally teaching me about Jesus and awesome jazz like that but then they haven't come in a i guess.......they stopped coming huh? WOOOOOOOOW!.¨

He was so cool i learned so many sweet new slang words from him.

Hahaha that is so funny ryder is using bad expressions. When i get home ill teach them to him is spanish and then no one will be mad. hahahaha but seriously we cant really fault the child he has the same blood as larry, richard, dennis ,dewayne and charlie in his little veins. Thats a strong cocktail my friends. You throw in the hadlock bussiness and forget about it. Hahaha tell him uncle race said to stop.

Titan and skye are getting married?! Thats crazy who would´ve thought. Thats too bad Ana had to come home. At least she gets to go back out. And ya im sad to see mobley gone too. My only black friend i ever had and then he gets shaipped to the other side of the country. Dang it.

Well not alot else is happening. We have some baptisms this weekend which is exciting. Well gotta go talk to you later.,

Love race

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