Monday, June 28, 2010


Dear Family,

10 minutes ago something really funny happened. Probably the dumbest move ive made in a while. We just finished interviews with president baldwin. elder romero and i were in the chapel getting ready to leave as he finished his last interview. As we were walking out with president i closed the door to the church, locking it. I cant explain the whole situation but by locking the door as i did i had inadvertently trapped us 3 (including the car of president) in the gated compund of the church. The chapel here has a 10 foot metal gate for protection and it can only be opened by a switch inside the chapel. So there we were locked in. We were there for about 25 minues before soemone came with a key and we were able to escape. It was a 25 minute awkward silence broken very little. I said ¨President im sorry, this was totally my fault¨ did he accept the appology or give me words of comfort you ask. He simply said ¨There are 24 elders waiting for me in Monte Maria right now elder davis¨ and then turned back around and just sat there. I was TEMPTED but definately did not say the following ¨well president at least there arent 25¨ but i think his air force instincts would have come back and he would have slammed my head in his car door.

It was really funny and my comp was sweating bullets.

Also as im sure you all know its the world cup right now. LIfe is crazy down here because of that. Everyone is watching the games all day and no one will answer there doors. Its really funny. Our numbers have actually taken a hit becasue of the cup.As azone we had far fewer lessons these few weeks than the last few.

And mom dont ever refer to it as the ¨downhill part¨ of my mission. You are more baggy than i am.

That is so sad to hear about president bosen passing away. Dad is right a new pres. bosen wont come around any time soon. How sad.

Thats good that chantz is back all in one piece. Sounds like the trek went well. And as for the eagle scout you want a list of people who were not eagle scouts?

here goes:
Joseph Smith
Brigham Young
(i wont say John because if i had 2000 years maybe i could get it too...)

Point proven.

That is really funny that ryder is cursing. Im not really sure how we should react either. Because like you said he probaly learned it from us. I think we should give him a certificate welcoming him to the sherwood club.

NOt alot else going on. we had some baptisms ill try and send photos.

love race

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Rylee said...

the eagle scout thing has me rolling. that kid is funny even all the way down in guatemala he can still crack me up!