Monday, July 19, 2010

"Almost" robbed

Dear Family

Good to hear from you all. Wow biscuit was quaterback number 3 on the list huh? Thats pretty impressive. The only problem is that he is still number two on the most important list ¨handsomest davis brothers¨. Better luck next time on that one. Glad to hear the cd got there in one piece. That was fast.Ya that video we were in a place called cunen and it was basically a guide leading us to the house of a member.

I did get your packgage thank you very much. The shirts will come in handy on pday. Just so you know for the next package that you might send....the el pato was a big hit. so.....ya......

This week elder johnston ends his mission and he has agreed to take a box of things home for me so ill give it to him with your phone number and when they get back to gringolandia they will give you a call. Its got some native skirts and stuff in it.

Wow that sounds really cool about the pictures and navy uniform. Ill definately have to see that when i get home.
So this week we were coming back from a meeting and we were at Trebol, the grand central station of Guatemala and we almost got robbed. My comp and i were standing there (still in our suits by the way...not good) when i saw a group of 3 men coming up to us. I instantly felt something not right about the situation and i took a few steps in the other direction. They passed by us but when i turned around a few moments later i saw that they had a kid about 15 years old pinned up against the wall and were pulling everything out of his pocets. Cell phone, ipod, cash etc. I looked at him and he look SO scared and thats when i knew it was real. As i made eye contact with him one of the guys looked over his shoulder at me and we made eye contact. I grabbed my comp by the sleeve and we took off. It was kinda freaky. There were alot of people around but what they do is make a circle around the person so noeone can see whats happeing. But i think my stature and the fact im a gringo kinda scares them off actually. I am a good foot taller than your average guatemalteco and so they seem to pass me by. Havent been robbed yet and i dont plan on it.

SO the other day we went over to visit our bishop (who lives 2 blocks away) and en route i realized i didnt have my nametag on. I felt as NAKED AS THE DAY I WAS BORN. But we were already at the bishops house so there was nothing i could do. As soon as me got back to the house i put it back on. Whew....

Also we taught a first lesson with a man named Kevin Rosales. He seems really cool and at the end of the lesson he pulled out a box of 20 ferro rocher chocolates. He said he appreciated what we do and wanted to give them to us as a token of gratitud. We tried to deny them but you just cant do that and so he gave that and a can of chashews to us. Wow it was like heaven eating those. But thats a pretty genuine desire he has. And hes got money it seems. Hahahah

Well this is the last week of the change so as you know next week i will email on wednesday. I have some predictions about what will happen with me but who knows. I may have a transfer i may not. Ill let you know next week.

Well better go, kiss the niƱos for me

Love elder davis

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