Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back again with Elder Tax

Hey family,

Well its elder davis here. As you know this week we had changes companion elder romero left and now i am with ELDER TAX!!!!!!!!!! Yep thats right i am now with my second companion ONE MORE TIME! We are pretty confused why we are together again but it should be pretty sweet. If you dont remember elder tax is the miniature guatemalan that i had about a year ago. Cool beans.

So what did chantz get on the act? It couldnt have been better than my score becasue if it had been he would have emailed as soon as possible rubbing it in. Hmmm.....well thats good that he is taking it again. Ya i was gonna send some sand home but i didnt. I havent seen Jordan in about 10 months but now that i am in the capital again it is more likely.

I sent a box home with elder johnston on monday. He has it and it has our phone number on it. He should be getting home in about a week cause i think he is touring guatemala with his family. But the box has our number so he will call and you can figure all that out. No there is no el pato but if you are gonna send some that would be cool. In that package you could send some of the ties that are in my room if you want. Let me know when you sendthe next package. (no hurry)

Thats neat that eric got to quatar. Crazy to think that we are scattered all over the world. Hoopefully he stays alive and faithful. Good to hear that all those boys are heading out on misions. They have no idea what they are in for. A new elder just got to my zone that went to EAC last semester named Elder Richards. cool beans. Spooner....thats a classic. Im sure it exists on DVD already. try ebay.

Well the big news this week would be that i finally was able to withdraw money from my personal card!!!! whoo hoo. I dont know what changed but i did it. i am also currently on a quest to get a tie collection chantz can be proud of on his mission. I have a bunch of the big wide ugly ones. oh ya. you gotta use those ones cause they survive rain, sweat, blood or whatever else.

This is a weird request mom but could you get on the internet and email me the best picture of john wayne you can find? just attach it to an email one of these days. That would great. Ill explain later.

Also who knew that there are FIREFLIES in guatemala??? I discovered that this week. who knew. Also i bought some of those little middle school handwriting books and i am practicing my cursive becasue my handwriting (as we all know) is not so hot. But ya i feel pretty accomplished i finished the level 1 book in 3 days. No big deal. jajajaja actually my writing is improving a little.

well better run kiss the niƱos for me.

love race

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