Monday, July 5, 2010


Dear Family.

HAPPY 4th of July!!!!! I celebrated by enjoying the most american food at my dogs, and the american beverage of my choice found at an import store. it was pretty sweet. It was very different from the last 4th. i really didnt even realize it was the 4th. I was going to wake up at midnight and sing the national anthem at the top of my lungs to wake my comp´s honduran toosh out of bed but i decided not too.

But there were some ¨fireworks¨ so to speak. As i was getting ready for church in the morning Pres. Baldwin called and told me he would be coming to our sacrament meeting. That NEVER happens, as a metter for fact i think i may be one of the only elders in the mission that has had this happen. But he showed up and luckily all went well. We had 4 confirmations and he and my bishop were in the circle as i confirmed one of the little girls i baptized. It was very cool. Luckily investigators showed up and he got meet them it was an all around good time. I think he might have come just to make me sweat as payback for the ¨locking him in the church for half an hour¨ thing. But it all went well and in his weekly email he said he wasnt mad about the encarcelation incident.

Other than that not much. Oh ya someone threw a grenade in a bus 4 blocks from our house! Isnt that awesome! I dont think anyone died or at least not very many but they re protesting the new urban transport system they are putting in. I think thats why. Either way when it happened i was locked in the chapel with presdient. If i hadn´t been amybe i would have been on that bus. dun dun dun.

Well it sounds like you all had a fun 4th. The pictures are great thanks alot. just one that lowee next to marykate in that one photo? it doenst look like her but maybe she grew up and changed or something. But ya im with grandpa on the nash hair situation.

Also i am considering buying a grey suit. A tailored suit is really cheap here and i want to get one made. But i was thinking that if i am in a grey suit with a part in my hair (now a staple of the mission-famous davis ¨look¨) i will look exactly like grandpa on sundays. Oh well.

That is so weird that biscuit was with elder winters little sister. what are the odds of that. im sure he knows already and it will be the topic of discusssion at our next meeting in the mission home. freaky.

ryder sounds good glad to hear about his good decison to follow in the footsteps of his most handsome uncle.

wow that is nuts that jessie is engaged. give her my congratualtions.

other than that not alot is going on. Tomorow for p day we are going to the guatemala city zoo. I asked president permission and he said we could go as a zone. that was right before i locked him in the parking lot for half an hour. luckily he didnt redact his permission. But i will take pictures and send them home. i image the exibits will be animals that are rare in guatemala such as: Look a helathy dog! hahaha the mange is a big problem here amoung dogs. if you dont know what the mange is count your blessings. its like k9 leprosy. in spanish its ¨jeote¨ which is also a nickname given by lazy bum elders to obedient elders. But ill take pictures of the hippos and all that good stuff.

gotta go

love elder davis

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