Monday, July 12, 2010

Looking official in the office

Elder Davis, Elder Johnson and Elder Johnston (Snowflake Lobo)


Welll hey all you out there in gringo-landia. How are we? good? that's good. I am doing good. ya the world cup ended. I am mad Spain won but at least its over and now the world is back to normal. Haha crime went down during the world cup cause everyone (including the gangsters) was busy. I'm sure it will be back to a normal zone 21 level soon again.

So i was thinking the other day; abra cadabra. A magical spell? also happens to mean ¨open the corpse¨ in Spanish. Weird....

Also this week i went on divisions with elder murphey from Montana. During divisions we visited a blind guy named Antonio. He is really cool and loves to hear the missionaries. When we went he started to tell us a story. He kinda reminds me of huley when he gets to telling stories. Looooooooooong and boooooooooooring. So when he stated to ramble i (exhibiting the key sign of a hard working elder) started to fall asleep. As missionaries we can fall asleep anywhere, eat anything and knock any door. But normally in a lesson you cant drift off to sleep cause people are watching you. With Antonio however, he cant see you so we both zonked out his little bench thing. I was fully asleep and when i woke up he was still talking and elder murphey was sleeping too. But Antonio was just still telling us about his career as a bus driver. He didn't even notice. And then we started the lesson and taught him about the word of wisdom. He liked it and all that but then at the end of the lesson he said ¨im gonna bring you some platanos (like big bananas) and coffee¨. We both looked at each other and asked ¨Hermano is it coffee, like real coffee?¨ and he said ¨no you fools of course its hot chocolate, you just got done teaching me coffee is a sin, what kind of idiot do you think i am?¨ He is super funny and does whatever we tell him (no coffee, come to church etc.). He brought me a plate of fried platanos and i didn't want to eat them cause they are nasty. Normally i would eat them with a smile but with a blind man...i stuck them in elder murheys bowl and no one was offended. Also in my bowl with my food he put 3 spoons. Hahahaha the coolest Guatemalan blind guy EVER. He also said something else i´ll share in the ¨dont blog¨ section of another letter. hehehehe

They put in a new system of buses down here that are really sweet. The buses are all new and work with rechargeable cards so there is no money on the bus like in the normal ones. Ergo no one can get on the bus with a gun and demand the money, cause the driver doesn't have any. it seems safer but who knows. the buses are nice though. my only worry is the old buss workers may end up out of work and it wouldn't surprise me if a grenade or 25 were accidentally thrown into the new buses. more on that as it happens.

also i mailed a DVD of videos and photos home about a week ago so it should get there in about a weekish. not alot else going on...changes are coming soon, so who knows if ill stay in this area or if ill leave. but thats still 2 weeks away. ill get to see elder winters and Johnston this Wednesday at a meeting in the office. so thats cool.

gonna attach a photo gotta go

love race

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