Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16th 2010... the return of Swift and Mighty

dear family,
so maybe im not reading the emails closely enough or something but you sent me some info in the last email that blew my mind. first of all you told me tami had her baby. my reaction: TAMI WAS PREGNANT???????
then you told me that rulon and the biscuit are being made the assistants to the bishop. my reaction: RULON LIVES IN OUR WARD??????
i was pretty lost about all that. but other than that it was good to hear about the birthday of nashy. thats great that eric got to watch. crazy that jessie got married. that blows my mind, and wow ray is engaged. that didnt take long. by the time i get home there could be baby rays. imagine that why dont you.
so mom last week you said you thought you knew why president went out with me to teach. what was your reason? im curious like a cat. spaeking of president this week i was in another 4 day training meeting with him. it was the same meeting as the last 4 day training, only this time more people came. so i got to expirience it double, but we ate lunch there at the meeting every day. a member of the church who owns a ¨catering¨ business came and provided lunch. By the end of the meetings on friday, almost everyone had the swift and mighty´s. yes thats right we all had the runs like no ones business. President was sick, im sick, elder tax doesnt feel good, elder romero was doing bad. in short we all have the bad news. its really not pleasant, and ive had several very close calls. we have had to take taxis at warp speed back to the house because an.....erruption.....was on the way. ya. not fun. im still afflicted and am currently working on how to rid myself of it. i have take a bunch of medicine but its not working too well. im sure you were all dying to hear a report about the state of my colon. well there it is.
also i have been thinking of things i want to share with you all about the work. one thing that shocks me most is the lack of attention people pay. for example a few days back i was in divisons with elder hatch, assistant to president baldwin. He is a great missionary and i have lots of respect for him. One thing he does is no mattter where he goes when he is proselyting he carries a big laminated poster of the first vision. its about twice the size of the computer screen you are looking at. we use it to contact the people in the street. i held it infront of a family and told them ¨The heavens are opened again. God has reached out in his love and called a prophet in our days. God isnt sleeping, he isnt dead. He is spekaing right now through a prophet, just like he did with moses, noah or abraham. We want to share with your family a message about how God has called a prophet and how it will change your life.¨ Now, i understant people rejecting our message. that i can accept. but how can that not call your attention????? I want to say to them ¨DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID? A PROHET LIKE MOSES. MOOOOOOOOOSEEEEES. THE GUY WITH THE BEARD AND THE MIRACLES AND THE BURNING BUSH!!¨ And the people dont even listen to what i said. it would be one thing if they listented and said ¨hes lying, or hes crazy or i dont believe in God anyway¨ but no these people are supposedly super religous and then i come and tell them that god isnt just some beadered man that did cool things 2000 years ago but that he is speaking right now and they dont even pay attention!
its not that im mad or resentful or anything like that MOSES!!!! i often ask people ¨brother, if noah was here with us right now, would you like to speak with him?¨ and they always say ¨of course that would be so cool!¨ and then i say. ¨there is a prophet just like him that lives today, right now, this very second. when can we pass by and tell you about him?¨ and they say ¨oh its just that we are really busy and im never in the house and we go to a church already anyways¨
like i said im not mad, i just dont get it at all. it actually makes me sad. just listen to me people!!!!! a prophet! LIKE MOSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha but it is the greatest thing ever when someone accepts it. for instance i was on the way home in a bus from one of these meetings and i struck up a conversation with the woman next to me. i began to explain to her basicaly what ive already written here and i could just see in here eyes and her face that she was thinking ¨this makes so much sense!" And it does!!! i asked her if the elders could pass by her house and she (just like a rational human being that LISTENS) said of course they can. as soon as possible.
it really is a totally unique expirience being a missionary. go figure.
but ya im doing good, i feel like i may have to run to the bathroom real soon but all is well other than that. i love you and i appreciate your prayers.
kiss the niƱos for me,
love race

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