Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30th 2010

dear family
greeting from guatemala-land. This was a good week i guess. Before i forget mom, this last week in antigua i bought you a guatemalan nativity. its made out of the bright cloth stuff and its pretty sweet. a bunch of little guatmelatecos around baby jesus. ill send that....some day.
speaking of that do the girls play with that little corte i sent? the skirt and blouse and all that are for them. i figured mary kate would love the skirt to play dress up. just wrap it like a towl and use the purple belt. the white shirt is probably small for anyone but layne or so. anyway i was just wondering...
also this week my shoe kinda broke. it has a big hole in the toe and water comes in. hahaha it really doesn't matter because it rains so much that water is gonna come in anyway. but an elder here gave me a tube of shoe goo that i am using to repair the damage. i am PRAYING these shoes fight the fight for the next year so that i can wear them home.
oh and we found a really amazing family down here named the familia cardona. the dad is a member that got baptized when he was like 13 but never went back because his parent wouldnt let him. his family is non member and they are the coolest. they are super poor and we really love them. we plan on a baptism for the family in September. we´ll see.
so last week we went to some sweet pacas (used clothes places) and i may or may not have bought an inordinate amount of ties. 16 to be exact. ya. i kinda went over board but they are the coolest ties ever. Chantz is gonna be prepared for his mission with these classic beauties. they are so fat and ugly. oh ya baby.
hahaha also this week we were walking down the street and this guy shouted hola and some other random stuff at us. we went up to him and started to talk to him. He has a concept of the church that is really common down here: that its a gringo church and that all members are rich. that has to do with the fact that the chapel is one of the nicest buildings in any neighborhood and so people think we have money. We asked him how work was going he said good and said ¨if we dont work there isnt any money for the beans¨ which is a common saying here. i agreed and said ya gotta have those beans. then he said ¨oh but you never eat beans, you just eat caviar every day¨ haha i couldnt help but laugh. First of all because i eat beans and eggs every single day for lunch with very few exceptions, and the fact that i have never even been in a room with caviar, let alone eaten it. It was funny but that is the point of view of alot of people. and lots of people think its a gringo church because.....well it probably has something to do with the 6´2´ arizona kid walking around in their neighborhood knocking on their doors. i would bet that has something to do with it.
This week was also stake conference. President Rivas, an area 70, president Baldwin and his wife, and president Don R: Clark (president of the centro america area, his face can be found in this months liahona) came to speak to us. It was a pretty sweet conference. the frustrating part was we had 6 people that said that they would be at the conference for sure and only 1 showed. An entire family and another lady didnt show. we were pretty bumbed but that agency for ya.
this next week i wont write until wednesday becasue its changes. im thinking elder tax will leave and ill get a new comp but well see. Also my swift and mighty is all better now and ya im pretty sure i have worms. but that is about as average as the daily paper here. if they get bigger im gonna name them.
gotta go
love elder race


Rylee said...

oh good grief is he serious about the worms? that is not good if he is.

Bret said...

Hey Davis clan, I am a huge fan of Race, er Elder Davis and I secretly read all his letters you post here. How did he get to be so dang funny? Rylee wasn't that funny (just kidding Ryles, you're funny too). Random question that is not that important to find out, but I wonder if the Area 70 President Rivas is the same President Carlos Rivas that was my mission president in Arequipa Peru? He is from El Salvador and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he were an Area 70. Just curious.