Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4, 2010

hey fam
oh rough life there at the beach. Funny that you say that here has been clouds and all that there because here as well we have had a lot of rain lately and it appears that more is on its way today. Sorry i didn't write on Monday like normal but i had a meeting in the office with president. It was good, i saw elder winters and all was fun.
This week was really cool, i got to go out into the field with President Baldwin. He called and told us he would be coming out with us the next afternoon. I nearly fainted from fear and shock (I've never heard of president Baldwin going out with elders) and i was nervous. But the day came and it actually all turned out well. He didn't teach he just observed our teaching and contacting skills. Talk about pressure. A retired air force pilot, successful aeronautics businessman, mission president is just sitting there in your lesson listening to how well you teach the gospel is a genius in. He probably learned alot of that gospel knowledge from his misson president in Argentina who was RICHARD G SCOTT by the way. SO ya was sweating bullets but he complimented us at the end of the afternoon and said we did a great job. I was happy with that but man was it scary.
So here is just a random note that i wanted to include, so that you know a little about the beliefs of the people i am teaching, We go into there houses and talk with them a little bit about the love of God and all that and then we begin to discuss prophets. In many lessons we get this comment. ¨Well we think that you guys are prophets. I mean you are out teaching the word of God. So you are prophets.¨ That is a hard belief to deal with, lots of people believe that ¨we are all prophets¨. I have no idea where they get that idea but its hard to teach through that. Just thought you'd find that interesting.
So like i said last time that me and elder Tax are back together. Its pretty fun i really like it because we dont have to go through the first week of awkwardness that comes with a new companion. I already know him and he knows me and so we are comfortable. I have the confidence to eat food off his plate when he isn't looking so that basically means were good. I really feel like we are together again in part for me to teach the .little guy more English. When we were together he first time i taught him alot and he is REALLY good now at English but i think with me it will improve alot more because i love helping him. Our goal is to have him fluent but the end of his mission. Hes getting there. And down here speaking englsih is a huge blessing. He can get a much better job and education with the ability to speak English. I also feel like we are together again so that he can teach me how to be a better missionary. This first week together we found more new investigators in a week than i ever have in my whole mission i think. so well see.
Ya i bet elder johnston did call while you all were gone. But we´ll get it all figured out. Also another missionaries mom came down to pick him up at the end of his mission and they came to sacramrnet meeting in my ward. I got to talking with the mom and she asked for the house number and wants to call you mom and tell you that i am still alive etc. So that may be another call that comes soon.
But other than that life is normal, im just here working. One of my mission heroes elder douglas is now in my zone (he just finished his time as assistant to the president and is now in the zone training for his last change. So i am really excited to be with him. RIght now i have a meeting with the distric leaders so i gotta run. OH! also an elder udall from meas arizona just entered the mission. I havent met him yet but i will soon and ill report back.
love you all and i will write monday
kiss the niƱos for me
elder davis

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