Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Family,
Godd to hear from you. This week was pretty sweet. The highlight would be my conquering the swift and mightys. Myself and elder Douglas (hero from Utah) were the 2 suffering. Well i am almost all back to normal now and we are rejoicing because of that. I figured out that i had accidental consumed some rotten milk this week as well which could NOT have helped my stomach situation. But I'm sure the worms down in there were all content to eat rotten milk. oh well.
Good to hear the biscuit is doing good in football and that he is getting calls from all over. That's really funny that they are calling like crazy. My question would be who is keeping this kid humble? That was my job and now that im not there im wondering if his head is getting big. HURRY!! SOMEONE MOCK HIM!!! There we go all better.

wow thats crazy about the murder couple captured at baldy. we should implement the form of social justice they practice in the mountains here. we put them in the center of town, the people gather around and slap them and then we light them on fire and everyone cheers. It works here. people are scared to DEATH to commit crime in solola. also that practice is TOTALLY a tradition from the BOM. see abinadi for further questions.
the rattlesnake is cool. elder Douglas killed a mouse in his house the other day and they recorded it. they were screaming like girls it was really funny. And about the package just send all the ties some el pato and mini snickers if you'd like. oh and some pictures!!!! but please don't worry too much about it, that stuff is expensive.
so this week we went to antigua guatemala as a zone. it was pretty sweet to see the sites and be a tourist basically for a day. ill try and attach a photo.
also this week we were having companionship study when a knock came at the door. we went to answer it and who could it be? It was the Jehovah's witnesses. It was really funny and ironic and we all just kinda laughed about it. he gave us a pamphlet and then left. nice guy.
also this week a lady named suzy we have been teaching had a cool experience. she has been praying to know if the BOM is true and if Joseph Smith is a prophet. this Sunday when we went to her house for a lesson to ask her about if she had received an answer she said ¨oh i think i got more than that¨ and proceeded to tell us the following: (and it should be noted that this kind of thing isnt TOO uncommon down here. these people are children of Jospeh sold into egypt and Father Lehi, two dreamers.)
she said ¨in my dream i arrived at the temple that i have seen in pictures. the one here in guatemala. i´ve only ever seen the temple in photos but in my dream i arrived there and sat down on a bench in a garden outside the doors. the temple was big and white and beautiful and i felt the most amazing peace ever. when i woke up i was very happy¨.
and this week our ward went on a temple trip and she went to see the temple and found a bench and a garden just like what she saw in her dream. she felt a great peace both outside and inside the visitors lounge.
it was a pretty sweet experience. shes a cool lady and she says she is sure that God sent the dream to answer her prayers. wow.
but other than that not alot going on. two elders in my zone are finsihing there missions this week to get home early for school. its very stragne to see people leaving and knowing that one day that will happen to me. i dont want it to but it will. speaking of that tomorow is my 14 month mark. where the curse word did that time go? oh well....
well i think thats all thanks for the prayers and the letters. well talk later.
elder davis

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Rylee said...

"hurry someone mock him" he cracks me up in every letter.