Monday, August 9, 2010

Elder Jensen comes to visit! Happy day!

me and poppy jenson last night here in guate. notice that i have a tag and he does not. and ironically enough, in this photo, i am wearing the tie he gave me. i love that old bald dude.

well hey there!
lucky ducks at the beach. or should i say lucky gulls? jajajajaj
good to hear you went to elder j´s homecoming. hope he wasnt creeped out. ha but that was good you met my brother. and my zone leader. and my buddy. hes agood kid and one of the only missionaries that speaks a native dailect really well. he speaks ¨tzu tuil¨ as well as i speak spanish. cool.
school is already starting? that is insane!! and cool to hear that alec is going to farmington. hell love the people and ya the work is the same everywhere. hell get rained on and get the dooor slammed in his face.
good that you got the paxckage. the jacket is for the biscut and you mom and the hippie shirt is for chantz and yes you can wash it. the rest of the stuff is hand woven stuff the ladies use here all the time. look at the pictures i have sent to know how to put it on. you could probably squeez payton in the white shirt and purple skirt with the purple belt.
the bag is for whoever wants to use it. and its all legit trust me. and expensive. thats cool that you heard the dialect elder johnston speaks. it is actually alot like a mix of navajo and hebrew. not even kidding. and i will get on a guatmealan nativity. those are cool and easy to find.
as for me im doing good. we have been getting a TON of rain but its all good. this week i have a 4 day training thing in monte maria that we have to supervise. it will be hectic but fun. me and taxito are still tearing it up. the best thing that happened this week was a surprise visit from ex-Elder JENSON!!!!!
yes thats right mi pappi jenson came down and swung threw my area. it probably doesnt mean alot to you all but it was so strange seeing my trainer here again. and especiall not as a missionary. he is at byu and doing good and maybe will be engaged soon. when he left i didnt even speak spanish and now im here and im sure it was a big shock for him to see me funcioning normally as a missioanry. but we hugged and laughed and he invited me to come to byu to be with him if he doesnt get married. his dad was there and it was just generally a very happy moment.
i was thinkning how cool it will be to do this with all of you guys in a little while. mom and dad you all can come down with me and well go to all the tourist places and visit my areas and you can meet my converts and maybe we can come down with elder deering or elder johnston and his parents. it would be so much fun. but it was good to see daddy jenson and talk with him.
but other than that my week has been pretty normal...... i have been eating alot of eggs lately...... im sure thats not the news you want but its all i got. haha
the pictures from the beach look fun and happy. the babies are so huge!! i thought nash was ryder. and davis is getting all big and bulky and peyton is adorable!! reece will have to break his no gun vow inorder to protect her when she gets old. sound like you had fun.
speaking of the picures of the beach elder miller (texas) and i think that you did not find a rat you found a possum. and hes from texas so he would know.
so we found a sweet paca (ghetto thrift store) over by trebol (grand central station of guate) that is FULL of sweet ties. so today (we are using today as pday) we are going there. myself, elder tax elder douglas and elder lontine. its gonna be sweet and i am slowly but surely building a tie collection for the biscuit that will never be rivaled. they are fatties and so durable. and then watch the kid will get called to paris and hell never use them.
gotta run (to the paca) haha
love elder race

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