Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

Hey all,
Sean Bast has his call? I knew alec did Laos. Cool beans. Yes mom the package got here but i dont have it yet. The secretaries called and told me it was there so ill probably get it this week. Wow the florence game sounds pretty sweet. The biscuit got interviewed by the Arizona Republic huh? i imagine he said ¨i owe it all to my more attractive older brother, who is WAY cooler than me.¨ Ya i bet thats how it went.
Wow markee will have the baby so soon! I only saw peyton a little before, i have never met davis, and i will get home right after the new hadlock shows up. Thats alot of babies.
So i know this isnt important or anything but WE GOT NEW COUCHES!!! i saw them in the pictures. and also you all finally fulfilled my idea of the pictures of the house before and after on the piano wood. You are welcome.
Thank you VERY much for the pictures of the girls in corte. I loved them. Chelsee, you were wearing that thing wrong, just so you know. But wow those pictures made my day. And elder tax liked them too. Mary kate had on the skirt perfectly! she looked just like a little guatemalteca. So cute.
Ok so i want to tell you all about a family we are teaching. It is the cardona family. We found them through a strange series of events that i wont mention, for time. But after much effort we finally found the address. We began to teach and from day 1 it has been like a dream. When we teach they accept what we teach without a second thought. One of their only forms of income is a little store they have in their house. We explained the sabath day and they said that from then on the store was closed sunday. The gave up coffee without thinking and are pretty amazing. The dad is named Manuel, the mom is named Flor, the daughter is named michelle and the son is named juan. The dad was actually baptized along time ago but he didnt really grow up in the chuirch because his grandparents wouldnt let him go to church.
They are a very humble family in every sense, and i love them. dad hurt his leg a while back and has been on crutches since then. He hasent been working in his normal job which hasent helped their already dificult financial situation. This week he got his cast off. He explained to me that he just got his cast off and so he only needed one crutch insted of two. He told me he had seen a man a few blocks from his house that also used cruches, only that his were broken and so insted of a flat bar to put in his armpit for support, he had to the pointy broken stick that was sticking up. Brother Cardona told me that the poor guy had to have been uncomfoartable, and so he took his extra crutch that day and gave it to this other man. Wow.
He also explained to me that a while back other missionaries wanted to teach them, but he didnt like to have them visit the house. His reason? ¨We didnt have any chairs in the house at that time and i was ashamed to ask the missionaries to sit on the ground and teach me.¨ They are an incredible family. The parents are getting married this saturday and the mom and children wil be baptized this sunday. The Lord puts people in our path that need this gospel. Its pretty amazing to see the way he prepares people.
Speaking of people we teach, i have noticed something. We always ask the investigators to say the prayers when we are in their homes and i know that a person is progressing and that the spirit is working in them when, in their prayers, they pray for the missionaries. Usually they end up using a phrase like this ¨Please bless all the elderes, in all the countires, in all the world, that they can be safe and that the people can listen to them.¨ I love those prayers.
But this week was really......interesting. Our area was divided and so now 2 elders are covering half of our area, which leaves us with half the terrain and half the people we had last week. We are happy about that but lots of our investigators now belong to those elders. So this week we worked like DOGS to find new investigators. We talked to all the families in the street we saw and we tried so hard. And this week we found on the lowest number of new investigators in a long tome. Its actually funny but we dont really get it. Other weeks when we havent searched for new investigators so hard we have found a bunch but this week....almost none. But the BOM teaches us that sometimes its just our luck to fall in with people who dont want to accept the message. oh well.
i am healthy, i am happy, i am excited for the package and time is flying. Im excited to baptize the familia cardona and im working hard. As a friend of mine once put it ¨if you aren´t working hard you are an atheist¨ Well said Gilespie, well said.
I think thats all for now, i appreciate the prayers and the pictures. Well talk soon.
Love elder davis

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