Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010.... The Lord really does have a plan....

Hola there,
So its elder davis. Again. This week was SILLY in its events and sundry happenings.
The biscuit got a concusion? Thats so awesome! Now we can make stuff up about his childhood and when he doesnt remember it we can blame it on his concussion. Oh ya....
And on the upside for him is the Dairy Queen. Speaking of ice cream, its not that common here becasue its so hot and most people dont have freezers. You can buy it of course it just isnt common. The best place to get it is in a shop like DQ basically. My friend elder Douglas and i always go get icecreamn cones when we eat as a zone or someting like that. ANd i tauught all my zone the classic rule: there is always room for icecream, it just runs in the cracks.
Haha those pictures of Ryder are the coolest ever. And luckily he was doing it in the correct attire: white skivies. And that is so cool that Aunt Tonna got to meet elder scott. I dont know if i have told you that but he is my mission president grandpa. How you may ask? well i will tell you. He was a mission president in Argentina many years ago. His financial secretary missionary was a young elder named Richard Baldwin. Thats right my mission president had Richard G. Scott for his mission president. If i ever meet him ill bring that up. Cool right?
Mom you asked me if i took calculus. My answer to you will come in the form another question; would you use an earthworm as dental floss?
ANd also i would like to know Chantzs ACT score so that i can feel proud or ashamed depending on the score.
So i could never do justice to the expirience i had this week in an email. When i get home i will regail you with the full story and all the details it deserves. But it sifficeth me to say that the Familia Cardona that i wrote home about last week is amazing and that i had THE BEST expirience i have had up to this point on my mission on wednesday this week. The got married on saturday and the wife and children got baptized on sunday. Because of what happened on wednesday i know that i came to this country to find Manuel Alfonzo Cardona and his family. Wow. The Lord know what he is doing and he had this all plaaned out long ago, Hahaha a funny note, in their house they only call me ''el canche'' or that is ''the whitey'' or something to that nature. hahah
Also this week, as impossible as it may sound, my mortician assistant skills came in handy this week. Once again, the lord organizes his things very well. I was on divisions in Guajitos (irronically where i started my mision) with elder hansen this week, Maybe once a month would i be his area, it doesnt happen alot. But for some reason on THIS day i was there. A man in the ward had passed away and they needed to dress him and do preparation for the burial. No one wanted to, nor really knew how to do the things we needed to do. And who did the Lord have in that area that day? Me. So i helped the family dress the father in his temple clothes and do someother preparatory things. Small world. i wont go into details but i will say 2 things: 1.. it was good that i was there and 2. the mortuarty bussiness here is not nearly at the level of technology, sanitation or quality as that in the USof A. ya......
Also i dont know if i had made the comment earlier but i translated my Pat. blessing into spanish. possibly on of the coolest things ever. It actually sounds bettter in spanish. more....steezy. haha
well fami i must run.
have fun
race davis,

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