Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

Well hola,
So remember that time i have been a missionary for 15 months? Ya me too. Whats that all about. In Latin America there is a celebration for a girls 15th bithday that is really a big deal. The familia godoy that i have told you about threw me a 15 month party. And by party i mean that they gave me a piece of cake. Happy 15 months!
Thats cool to hear about the donaldson family. Pregnant and on missions. That is so weird that duskin is old enough to go on a mission. Whats weirder? That cassidi is old enough to be PREGNANT! Ya go figure on that one.
Thats exciting that markees baby will be coming soon. Im sure she is ready to get it over with and im sure nash is pumped to be a big brother. A REALLY big brother. hehe
Sister Eagar sent me a card with pictures on it of the fall colors and the elk which was nice. Its my favorite time of year dont you know it. It is surprisingly a little big chilly here this week as well. Supposedly there is a hurricane or a tropical depression or a tropical something going through right now. All i know is that its cold and rainey. But thats ok, i have a jacket and itll go away soon. Im sure when i get back to a place that is actually really cold i will miss the ¨coldness¨ of Guatemala but as for now i do actually feel a bit chilly.
Ya passports might me a good idea becasue im coming back here and if ya´ll want to come with me that would be great. And yes ill introduce you to these people dont you worry.
No i never de-quilled a calfs face before. That is still on the ¨to do list¨. And that is too bad about chelsee and dan with the skunk, Tell them there is a lizard in my patio area that hangs out, if that makes them feel any better.
Ray is engaged to a girl from Guatemala?! What are the odds! Ask where she is from and then tell me. She is probably from the capital but could be from one of the departments too. I assume she speaks both languages. How awesome i already have a chapina friend for after the mission. Check.
Also has chantz used the hippie looking shirt i sent? just wondering. Also i plan on sending another package up with elder winters so if you go to his homecoming you can pick it up. I always take advantage of the az missionaries. Also remeber how we used to call MK nuka? That means ¨nape of the neck¨. Ya go figure.
I finally got my package and i am very gratefull. The snickers are a hit and i have to fight for my life to defend them. Also luckily my comp doesnt like spicy food so my el pato is safe. And just a quick question. Did you send all the ties or just some? it seems like i had more.
oh also this week we were teaching a lady and were explaining the original church that Jesus Christ established. Then we explained the apostasy from that church and the effects thereof. My comp then asked the question ¨Sister, acording to what i just explained, why did people start forming other churches?¨ Her answer? ¨Because everone wouldnt fit in just one church¨ I laughed pretty hard at that after the lesson. Speaking of that, the thing i cant stand down here is a very strange and illogical doctirne that is SOOOOOOOO common. It is the following ¨todas las cosas de Dios son buenos. Todas las iglesias son verdaderas.¨ Or that is ¨All religous things are good. All the chirches are true because they all talk about God. Ya that makes no sense. People say it all the time too. I dont understand. Hmmmmm....
well not alot else going on here. This week i am going to a sweet market place on the other side of the capital and so maybe i will buy something to stick in the package im sending with elder winters. There is already a guatemalan nativity for you mom and some brand new Hollister jeans (dont ask me how i got them but im sure they will fit markee.) and some other stuff. So we´ll see. And of course the thing i am most excited about. GENERAL GONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im sure President Holland will blow us away again. Im gonna attach pictures of the baptism of the familia cardona. they are the favorite familiy here in Guate, for sure.
Gotta run
love race

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