Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010

Hey family
So mom to start off answering your questions, yes those mud slides happened in our mission. Lots of people died up near my old area in the mountains. It has been pretty bad apparently, but i dont really know alot about it. The rain has been really hard lately and because of that there have been mudslides.
Wow that is intense about the sj game. Good to hear that we won. How weird about their field and all that. Why was it like that? Thats cool we played in BR but ya i can imagine you got home really late.
Tell brett crosby that Elder Rivas is from El Salvador and i think he was a mission president in Peru. Not sure but i would bet that he is the same guy. We was really excited and really funny.
So Bucky is tall and skinny huh? Thats good to hear. We would hate an cases of childhood obesity now wouldnt we. You should sent pictures of them all. They change so much i cant tell some of them apart. Speaking of changes this week we had transfer meeting and...........I´m staying with elder Tax! Im fine with that. And we had elder mellville come to my zone. ELder mellville is one of the finest misisonaries in this mission and i am glad to have him here in the zone. I think i told you about the time him and i went on divisions, about the guy who we gave shoes to? IM pretty sure i told you the story. Well thats the elder that came here. Im happy. We also received newbies in the zone, fresh from the CCM. One of them was companions with a friend of mine, taylor raines from thatcher, in the MTC. Small world.
Wor rachel is already going to college, that is weird. Whats weird too is that this change we will have general conference. That came so fast! Time flies when you are preaching the gospel in central america. Thats the phrase right?
Hahaha good to hear about you all going to see elder winters homecoming. He is a great kid. I saw him this week again at change meeting. He has had some....challenges......with companions lately. Sad story. But that will be fun. And just think, after i get home we can all go together to the home coming of president baldwin in mesa. He comes home a few weeks after me. I believe.
So as i was thinking this week about what to write, i decided to share some spanish with you all. As you may or may not know in spanish there are different ways to say the word ¨YOU¨. There is
USTED- this is more formal, used when speaking to people you respect or don´t know. as missionaries we are always supposed to speak in usted with everyone.
TU- tu is a more intimate form of the word ´you¨. In other countries it is used with anyone with whom you dont use ¨usted¨. But in guatemala it is not as common. It is typically used in a lovish (romantic) sense, with children or with close family members.
VOS- Vos is super slangish and is generally used between people who know each other really well. ¨como estas vos?¨ would be like saying ¨whats up bro?¨. It is the style of kids and teenagers and between brothers. Usually men use it between eachother as well.
I thought that might be interesting for you, considering the fact that nothing similar is found in English. So for example i would speak to Bishop Hamblin in USTED. I would speak to my girlfriend and my sisters in TU and i would speak to Levi Brown in VOS.
As missionaries only USTED is allowed. Lots of missionaries dont follow that, but its a way to demonstrate profesionality. Its funny too, the difference is very small if you think about it. If i say ¨Venga por aqui¨ i am being obedient, if i say ¨Veni por aqui¨ i am being disobedient. And they both mean ¨come over here¨. If i say ¨Hable con mi compan├▒ero¨ i am being obedient. If i say ¨Habla con mi compa├▒ero¨ I am being disobident by using a form of the word ¨YOU¨ that is incorrect for a missionary. And they both mean ¨talk with my companion. I thought you might find that interesting. I think its sweet.
Oh ya, mom or chantz or someone could you please get kevin reece´s address for me? I think julie is gonna send it in a letter soon but if you could call his mom and then send it to me through email that would be super. I wanna write the kid and see how hes doing.
Also one other thing. There is a talk by Alvin R Dyer (?) that is called ¨a challenging missionary¨or a ¨missionary who challenges¨ or something like that. IM not 100 percent sure the name of the guy or the talk but if someone could throw out a quick search on the church web site and see if you find it i would like you to email me a copy. My stake president here told me to look for it and i want to read it.
So a bunch of my good friends ended their missions this week. It sad to see them go and its only gonna get sadder from here on out. Now is when the elders im really attached to have to go home. Its lame but thats why facebook exists after the mission. Elder Jason Beck, Elder Jordan Lee, Elder Moya (from arizona, lives in tucson and i cant remember his first name) and a bunch of others. They all left. So sad. I took pictures with all of them though....
Well fam i gotta go but you keep it classy and dont take any wooden centavos.
Elder Davis

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Bret said...

Thanks Davis fam for asking! Yes, that must be Presidente Rivas. Small world!