Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey there,
Hey! Its your favorite missionary serving in Guatemala. Speking of Guatemala, i LOVE this place. Its so great. ON to business....
Well this week was a good one. We did an unusual amount of contacting and knocking doors, which i dont mind all that much beside the fact that it isnt very effective. But knocking doors is fun becuase you meet the WEIRDEST people with some very...interesting....ideas about God. I know i have already made mention of this but the whole concept that EVERY church is true still gets me. Me and ETax come up with an example to demonstrate the silliness of the idea.
Suppose that two men (two churches) claim to be the legitimite father of a child (be the true church). Now, no one in their right mind would say ¨well maybe they are BOTH the father¨ No, if there is more than one option, someone is lying or mistaken. But thats how Satan gets you.
Hahaha speaking of lying or being mistaken, here the rip-off clothing bussiness is HUGE. Its really funny because some of it looks pretty authentic. Only upon close inspection can you tell its fake hollister or american eagle or abercrombie etc. Some of it is so dang obvious that it just makes me laugh. For example the other day we taught a guy with a shirt on that said ¨HOLLISTER AND FITCH¨ haha that tickled my funny bone for sure. And its also really funny when they are selling brand new¨NIKE¨ shoes for 4 dollars. ya thats not convincing.
Oh and remember Brother Cardona? ya well he TOTALLY got up and bore his testimony this sunday. Its was so cool he is the coolest ever. That family is really special. I am gonna be sad to leave them one day.
Ok ok ill give it to you that the jeep is not chantzs....but almost. Im excited to use it when i get home. Me and the biscuit will go out. Sweetness. Come on Markee have the baby already!!Thats gotta be uncomfy. Hmmm...
Wow that is lots of stress for dad about the hospital situation. That kind of reminds me of the mission. Something goes wrong in the district and everyone turns and looks at the District leader. Some thing goes wrong in the zone? everyone turns to the zone leaders. yep but im sure dad is doing ok. And ya i would put my money on disneyland, that will relax you. hahaha thinking about disneyland the first thought that came into my head was ¨it would be so sweet to contact in Disneyland! So many families!¨ Hahah in central misison we have a standard of excellence to talk to every family we see in the street. Families build the church. So disnelyand would be a goldmine.
Wow that was 7 years ago when grandma passed away. Wow that is incredible. I was looking at my drivers licence the other day and elder tax said i looked like a little kid. And then i realized that i got my licence almost 5 years ago. HOLY COW!
AMY REECE IS GOING ON A MISSION???????? Wow when does she report? I had no idea she even was thinking about it! Wow i have friends all over the world. Brazil, Chile, Florida, soon in Holland, and now not one but TWO firends in taiwan. Wow that is so awesome. Ill be waiting for her letter.
Well we are now in week 6 of the change. But the church has changed its policy and now changes will be wednesday instead of monday. That means that this monday i will email you normally and you wont have to wait till wednesday to get my letter. I have a small feeling i will have a change (ive been here for 6 months) but i could very well stay right here. Well see how it goes.
Also a random note to anyone who is NOT my family that may be reading this. Namely Wendy Smith, Caitlyn Jeffs, Ryan Mangum Curtis Gardner etc (the eac peeps) i have a question. How is our great friend tom rose? Is he know...alive? We sang the battle hymn of the republic the other day and even in spanish it makes me think of him. If anyone knows about him please let me know. Just a side note.
Well i gotta go, kiss the niƱos for me and well talk monday.
con amor
Elder Davis

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Curtis Gardner said...

You can tell Race that our good friend Tom Rose is doing fine...or at least the last time I heard (which was probably six months ago). According to some sources, he's been really tired a lot, most likely due the the fact that he's been around for 100+ years. He still his old self as usual though. (awwww... Peanuts!)

PS: Tom Monson is still one heck of a pool player, or so says my geography teacher, who is his son.