Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

Well hi,
So i am writing you today still in Cerro Grande. We will recieve the call about changes tonight and so you all wont find out about my change (or lack thereof) in one week. Thats the new system, changes on wednesday so there ya go.
Good to hear about Disneyland, sure that was fun. Bad to hear about the loss to snowflake, but that is what happens when your quaterback is the least favorite child.
Yay markee had the baby! Thats great im sure she is happy and resting. Mom you didnt attach the pictures of the little thing, but im not all that broken up about it if im honest, newborns are gross. Send me a picture in 2 months.
ya mom i am glad too that i have a testimony of modern prophets. it makes me sad to think about the point of view of other people. That God just....stopped.....talking to us. He loves us like he did then and so therefor we have prophets today. And i loved the part in elder costas talk from conference where he said a prpghet of God can speak authoritatively on any subject without need for exirience or earthly knowledge in that subject.
My great friend Caitlyn (LOVE YA CAITLYN!) is going to the Netherlands on her mission and my great friend wendy (LOVE YA WENDY) is currently in China teaching english to chineese children. No i havent gotten amys letter yet but i wait anxiously.
If i get transfered i doubt i will go to the mountains again. It is possible and ill let you know. BUt i dont want to leave the capital that much. I have the horrible feeling that i am going to the coast, dont want to do that at all but we will see. i think i might go talke elder winters spot in Santa Lucia. well see.
Please send pictures of the turning colors.
So mom why wouldnt you and dad not be able to come down here after the mish? Chantz and i would be cool down here and safer but i want you two to come down too.
I dont need anything for christmas, if you dont want to send a package dont do it. As i missionary i desire 2 things (aside from success in the work and all that) and they are food and ties. Ties are to be bought in the paca and food cant be shipped. So send away if you want good..
If you cant go down to see elder winters its ok im sure the package will get there fine. I only have 1 nativity and i dont think i can get another before...tommorow. But the next time an elder goes home to AZ i will send a package with him.....Oh wait a minute, the next elder from AZ going home is ME!! Holy Vaca.
But im doing fine, eveything here is chill. no problems or anything. im lovin the snickers you sent thank you very much. I would like you to send me a scanned copy of my call letter if you could. Or just make a photo copy and mail it. Not ugent but i would like it please.
So this morning i woke up and realized that i have been a missionary for 16 months, ya what the heck right? I will be home before we know it but that luckily just makes me want to work even harder. Elder Douglas and Melville are headed home wednesday and it is NOT ok with me. Ive considered sending President Baldwin a letter of disaproval. But its all good. Also i think there are pictures of me and tax on the mision blog dressed up like doctors. hahahah we got a little creative at zone conference.
Well gotta go love you all and we will talk next week
Race Davis, Missionary Man

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