Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

Dear Family,Well there ya go...october is over. Wow. And for your information i just completed16 months as a missionary. I know right?Well this week was cool we had change meeting......and.........i am in my same area with a new companion. Just like you said mom. Although i think elder winters may have told you that. But i am still in Cerro Grande (this will be a total of 7 and a half months when this change ends) and i am with my new comp Elder Cifuentes. he is cool, hes from here in Guate and i like him good enough. This week i saw some funny things. First of all we were in a members house talking with them and a duck walked through the room. No, that is not the funny part. This is the guatemalan part. The funny part was that the duck SNEEZED!!!! I had to come all the way down here to central america to see a duck sneeze but i am so happy i did cause it was awesome. Have you seen a duck sneeze? I think not Mr.Pantaloons. That made my day. Also mom i would like you to send me a photo of Uncle Den and Uncle Rich. Maybe one of them together if you have one. If not seperate is ok but i want it of just them.
Another funny thing that happened this week was in our zone council. We had changes and so there were a bucnh of new elders and sisters in the zone. In our zone meeting to get to know each other we all told our names, where we are from and a hobby we have. I said ¨im elder davis, im from eagar arizona and i like to read and play the guitar.¨ And then the following happened: ¨IM elder gonzales and i like to play soccer, im elder ixacuy and i like to play soccer, im elder mejia and i like to play soccer, im elder cascares and i like to play soccer, im elder cardona and i like to play soccer,¨ hahaha i tried not to laugh out loud, but it struck me as awful funny.hehehe Thanks alot for the pictures! The last one of the trees is a fantastic photo actually. the sky is perfect and i really like it. Thanks. Also the new baby cute as she can be. Well put it at that.
Good to hear we beat safford. Nice going biscuit. I attribute your success to the fact that i, as a missionary, am earning blessing for the family and therefor you are now cooler. Im fairly positive that is whats happeing. your welcome. hahaha thats so weird that elder winters talked with sherrod. I feel like im gonna see him at the next meeting in the office. but he is in reality far from here, enjoying the beauties of carpet. hahah thats funnythat his english is struggling. The problem isnt that we ahve forgetten english its just that we mix in spanish. here in the mission the other elders understand but you all dont. if i say to elder winters ¨lets go to the tienda i´ve got hambre.¨ he will nod and follow me. Poor little guy. Hold strong elder winters!!!!! like i said about the christmas package, follow the instructions from last year. I dont want anyhting but if you send stuff...maybe more el pato. but really, dont have a pena. hahaha Well i cant think of much else to tell you. Oh wait, ya i can. Mom, elder melville emailed me and gave me a quick report on his life after 2 days home. I cant write him cause he is no longer a missioanry but i am gonna give you his email address and you can email him and let him know about the blog. He is so great and the funny part is that now, being back in america, he has diarea. hahahaha that is irony. his email is href=""> i think thats all. O wait here is some news. This will also interest elder meliville: Micah (thats so weird) elder melvile, they killed 8 PEOPLE in the module right across from yours on sunday. can you believe that? pass that on to logan. ha i will never call you two logan and micah, you are elder melville and elder douglas. Well that is all, until next time :)
Race Davis

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