Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6th 2010

dear family
greetings from guate. sorry i didn't write yet we had a meeting Monday in the office. But here i am now reporting. Conference weekend was great, loved the British Seventy and the pride talk by elder uchtdorf. I cant believe you all killed the fatted calf and bought the biscuit a ´jeep. But don't worry I'm not didn't even slay a kid goat for testament jokes. gotta love it.
ha anyway good to hear all the news from home. I dont think i knew the woman who passed away but thats a shame. Ive come to realize drunk drivers arent good for anything. I also liked the comment from uncle Lincolns funeral. I belive i have just the right amount of sherwood in me: i get the job done and keep the vocabulary during the work interesting. Our mission could use some more sherwwod i think.
Really that jeep is sweet im gonna have to use it when i get back, just like how chantz has used my stuff while ive been gone. hahaha that will be awesome.
So sister eager sends me postcards with pictures on them and i saw a picture of the dome. Is it white???? what is that about? weird. Also i was talking to a new elder about the changes in the world and he told me rock band beatles came out. wow. what strides in technology.
Also this week i did something i thought you would like to hear about. As much traveling in buses as we do we at times contact entire buses. I did that this week. On a crowded hot bus i went to the front with a big picture of the first vision and held it over my head. and then speaking as loud as possible i told all the people on the bus that the heavens had been open again and as incredible as it might sound God visited a 14 year old boy, just like he did in biblical times. Its a cool experience. You feel kinda like Dan Jones or Parley Pratt pr something.
Also in conference President Nelson described my feelings exactly about peoples indifference to the message. He lent someone a book of Mormon and they brought it back and said thank you. he said that is not an acceptable reaction to something this important. You didnt read it did you? hahah thats how we feel every day.
Also this week elder Melville (hero) made me something really funny. we went to his house for something and as a snack he gave us PBHTs. What is that you ask? A peanut butter and honey tortilla. And let me tell you it was a delicious slice of innovation. Yummy.
Wow time is flying, we are already one week into october. I imagine the same guidelines apply mom for the package thing this year. But christmas is pretty far off right?
THis change is going to be the hardest one yet. In 2 weeks elder winters, melville, douglas and all of them go home. I am gonna be a wreck without those guys. Its gonna be real sad. Speaking of elder winters i have that package ready for him and so mom if you dont go to his homecoming im sure it will get back to you soon. I put in some cool stuff including the biggest guatmalan flag i could find. hahha so that should be arriving soon.
also a missionary it is my duty to verify: how is dad doing with the soda thing? and YES sonic counts. hahaha
its so weird to think markee will have her baby soon. I hope she gets here quick casue i remeber how HUGE she was with nash so i bet this is bad. haha
well better go

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