Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello there!

Well good to see you all again. and of course by see you i mean write an email to you. THis week was interesting because it was holiday and party time here in guatemala and so lots of people were not in there houses and so we didnt have a lot of lessons. But the week was good, im happy and we are already iin november. wow.

That sounds like a good sacrament meeting you had with the new returned missionaries. Its amazing how the mission will change your life. I think alot about what i will tell the young men in the wards i am in after the mission to help them get out there and work.

hahaha im sure the complaints of huley have been great. believe it or not i miss him a little. I will be the first to voulenteer to go drive him around when i get back.

ah so you got the box. thats good. good that the nativity got there in one piece. and all the stuff i sent home is for you guys. use whatever you want. the flag is so sweet huh? i bought the flag pin for dad specifically,. mom how much did you pay for the other pin? i paid about 80 cents us money. i will get my hands on more for you all but i might just wait until i go home. or until we come back afterwards.

i loved the pictures of the kids in there costumes that is so cute. that tradicion doesnt exist here. today all the people went to the graveyard and put flowers on the tombs of their relatives and stuff like that.they also fly kites on this day. its called day of the saints. and then at this time of year (the first 3 days of november or so) they eat a dish called fiambre. which is basically any kind of meet you can imagine (ham, sausage, beef etc.) and then they put vinager and a bucnh of other...stuff....on it like cabbage and beets and stuff. i have actually never eaten it but ive heard that it is horrible. but then again some people say it is great. go figure. i love my colon too much to find out.

so infront of our house we have a tiny little patch of ground that is all gated in. it used to be grass supposedly but now it is a jungle. there are lizards that live in there and every time we come back to the house they are chilling out there. the other day one juiimped off the wall and landed on my shoulder. it was weird.

also for an activity this last week my companion and i went to sweep for the members. inorder to be able to enter a house we have to have a man present and in the morning and early afternoon there are NEVER men. so to take up the time we went to the members houses and swept the sidewalk infront of their houses. it was fun i guess,

oh quick note, one thing will will not miss about this country (one of the few things) is the fact that they just burn trash anytime, anywhere. i hate that. right in the street, a bunch of horrible black smoke. grrrrr

well i dont have alot more to say. i will be calling home at the end of december. oh and mom you can follow the instructions from last year about the package. and by the way i did too tell you the blog address for the mission. that was like 8 months ago. mom did you email elder mellvile? he is the best.

also this last sunday was the most violent day in all of 2010 here in guatemala. 25 people died or something like that. in one day. i got my hands on a page of newspaper that talks about it and i want to send it home for you all to see but, alas, it is in spanish. ha it sometimes slips my mind that there are people who dont speak spanish. i just understand it now and so it seems like everyone should. also sometimes i forget i am white. i am jsut walking around down here with all my brown brothers and sisters and i think ´´why are they all looking at me like that´´ thats when i remember that i stick out like a sore thumb.

well i gotta run but take care of yourselves and we will talk later

race davis, misionary.


moneymike said...

wow it sounds like you live in a pretty fast pace place! Good thing you remain positive and continue to move foward! Keep up the great blogs amigo!

Meg said...

Good Morning Elder.. I am just a fellow member who was blog hopping stumbled on your blog!! You sound like you are an amazing young man!! Just want to let you know I support your efforts in the missonary field and I will add you to my morning prayers...

Take Care..
Sister Meg Abreu
Alabny, MO