Monday, November 15, 2010

November 16, 2010

Hello all,

Holy vaca, what happened to the first half of november? That went by quickly. Oh well.

So its President Penrod huh. The stake has a thing for salty ol cowboys as their patriarchs i guess. He will do a great job.

Well the conference with Elder Cook and President Monson sounds cool. They are so busy! THe bretheren have not even one minute of rest it seems like.

Wow the biscuit played his last football game. Thats gotta be weird. And just think, he will graduate soon! Wow, the time goes by quickly.

Hmmm Chantz got a scholarship to NAU. I think i got one too right? I think i am pretty decided about going back to EAC for a semester after the mission to get me out of weird ¨missionary mode¨.

Speaking of that, all of my dreams (which are in spanish by the way) now almost all end the same. I am home, hanging out with friends or swimming or driving the car or something like that and then i realize IM STILL A MISSIONARY!!!!! I have a panic attack in the dream and start searching frantically for my companion and run away to find him and my nametag. That or sometimes in my dreams i just go into a house full of Guatemalans and start to teach a lesson. Just like i do all day. Weird.

Oh ya, i totally forgot to mention this but i met Elder Martino of the 70 last week. He came down and did a tour of the mission. He is the best, wow what enegry! His spanish is beautiful as well. But i got to meet him in one big meeting with 100ish elders and then the next day in a meeting with only 18 of us. It was awesome. When i shook his hand he asked me where i was from and i said Eagar. He said he knows someone from Eagar. Artie Baker i think was the name he said. He would be about 50 or so. I didnt recognize the name but there ya go.

Wow ryder is such a good misionary! Haha how funny. It is going to be so weird seeing these niƱos all grown up. When i left they were so small and the next thing i know...HUGE! Tell reece congrats for me. And tell rylee to start sharing the gospel with the parents of the kids ryder was singing with. Because we only THINK we are active in the church but until we become involved in sharing the gospel we are not. Thats my opinion anyway.

I think that in 2 weeks i will have a transfer. And tell elder winters that im pretty sure that im going to his old area in santa lucia. And lucky for me right in the middle of SAFRA! Pass that along to him why dont you. Well see how it turns out but that is the coast....i dont really want to go to the coast.

Also i got an email from Caitlyn talking about her misison. But hey Caitlyn if you are reading this you dont report until Dec1st right? Im pretty sure thats the date. Well thanks for the letter and i wrote you a written letter last week i think so it should get there before you get to the MTC. But yon have my email address WRITE IT DOWN so you can email me from your mish if your president gives you permission. Hope you enjoy the letter thats coming. hahaha That is all.

Well all i think that is all she wrote. I am doing fine and being protected miraculously in a very dangerous place because of your prayers. I can feel them and i know that is why im not a dead gringo right now.

Well gotta run

Love race

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Christine said...

Hey Race, I enjoy reading what is going on in your mission. Elder Martino of the 70 was Maria's mission president and also sister Hunt from RV. Maria loved him. He was at a stake conference in Queen Creek and asked our old stake presidency if they knew Maria, and of course, they did and, at Elder Martino's request, they tracked Maria down and had her at the conference the next morning. Pretty amazing memory.

Anyway, it sounds like you are doing so good.