Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010


wow i have been a misionary for 17 months. crazy.

Well this was a fun week. Really busy but fun. I actually got sick this week. I ate something that did not sit well with me (i blame some cabbage i ate monday night) and tusday morning i had a stomach ache to beat the guatmalan band. All p'day i was in pain. The zone played soccer and had a hamburger cook out at the chapel but i just sat there and cursed the Familia Rivas and their dirty cabbage. I was so bad that when p day ended we didnt even leave the house. I was sweating and weak and my hands would randomly go numb. I was jacked up. But then i got all better.

Other than that not alot has happened. I got to go back to Guajitos in divisons and see some of my converts. That was fun. I went on divisons with a new elder from arizona named elder durfey. he{s from the valley and his spanish is gonna be top notch. i wish my spanish had been like that my first change. Also there is an elder in my zone that is a bloodthirsty carnivore. he is a mountain man from oregon and couldnt with hold his desire to hunt. he killed a pigeon and ATE IT!!!!! When i found out i freaked out on him. How could you eat a pigeon in AMERICA let alone in guate? I have seen pigeons here eating some terrible things in the street. He fried it and ate it with lemmon peper. Psycho path!

Oh ya and i was just wondering the other day if you ahve put my mission on the plaque that is at grandpa{s house? just curious....

We are going to ahve a baptism this week. We are going to marry this couple and baptize the husband. He is a really cool guy and was actually an investigator of my trainer, elder Jenson. He has been in contact wit the church for some time but has never been able to sit and listen to the lessons becasue of work. He changed jobs and i am going to baptize him this week. He is a cool guy. He decided he wanted to read the whole book of mormon in 2 weeks before his baptism. He did it in 16 days, finishing yesterday. I asked him what his final conclution was after reading the whole thing and he said ¨Moroni says to ask God if its all true. I will dio that tonight¨. Doesnt get much simpler than that.

Other than that not alot has happened. I decided recently to start a notebook of my faviorite talks from Conference liahonas and all that. I make photo copies and then put them in a binder. After about 4 talks i realized that a better name for it would be ¨the collected talks of Jeffery R Holland¨. Hahaha half of the talks i picked out were by elder Holland.

Today we had interviews with President Baldwin. He makes me laugh sometimes. He knows exactly what he wants and how he wants it. Hes an airforce colonel for crying out loud. But once you get to know him he has a good sense of humor. Like recently some elders showed up late to a meeting. Thats a big no no especially when President Baldwin is gonna be there. He was waiting for them in the door of the chapel when they got there. When he saw them approaching he yelled "hurry up we are gonna start! You are making all of us late!!!!!" the poor misionaries ran quickly and took a seat. WHen they had sat down he turned to my friend elder MOntoya who was standing with him in the door and laughed "Did you see their faces?" he said. hahaha he knows how to put fear into people. SIster Baldwin also brought us Pumpkin Pie to the interviews. Wow it has been a loooooooong time since i have eaten pumpklin pie. they also brought mail- i got a letter from Elder Bryan Fleming in kansas, and a letter and a package from caitlyn nashville jeffs. THANKS ALL!!!! i was hoping for a letter from someone else but it didnt show. Oh well...

That is great that it is going to begin snowing soon.I wont be near any snow this year. Like i mentioned last letter, i think i will be going to a new area on Dec. 1st. We{ll see but i could be going to Santa Lucia. Or back to the mountains. We{ll se how she goes.

Mom i need you to send a message to elder jenson. his email is invite him to the blog if you havent already done so and send him the following mesage.

Elder Jenson. Hey! Just two pieces of news to pass along. First of all, do you remeber teaching a man named marvin in cerro grande? He lives with the familia Osoy just down the hill from the house? He is pilas but is always traveling for work. Well he changed jobs and i am gonna baptize him this weekend. Your name is on the teaching record in the house. I have run into a lot of your old investigators here in cerro grande. i have been here 7 and a half months. And the second piece of news is that Byron Montufar ACTUALLY BUILT HIS STUPID WALL: Haha i was there in divisiones this week and i passed by his house. sure enough he finally got the 10 foot brick wall he wanted to protect him from his neighbors. i thought of you when i saw it. crazy old byron.

gotta go love elder davis

Well family i am doing great and i appreciate your love and support. I hope you have a happy thanksgiving and that all is well. I am thankfull for many things. One of the first and foremost is that i have the sacred oportunity to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the people that i serve and the people that pray for me every day. I am grateful that i was born in a land that alows me to worship the Lord how i want and how he requires. I am grateful for the Holy Temple and for the ordinances that bind me all to you for time and eternity. I am grateful for the patience God has for me and the mery Christ showed for me in the Garden of gethsemane. I am grateful that i still have 7 months left of being a misionary and i am grateful thatin 7 months i will see you all again. have fun and be safe!

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