Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29, 2010


Hello there family. How are you? I am fine. just down here baptizing lamanites.

This week was great. As i mentioned we had a baptism, a man named Marvin that is really cool. His wife is a member and he had heard the elders alot before but never thought it was very important. But something changed and yesterday i baptized him. It was a cool expirience and i think he will be a strong leader in the church.

Tonight at 10 they are going to call and announce changes. I am almost positive that i am leaving, so next week i will let you all know how it goes down.

i hope you had a merry thanksgiving. I didnt even remember that it was thanksgiving until the secretaries called to ask me a question about something and said ¨Happy Thanksgiving!¨ and i said ¨Oh yaaaaaaaa¨. I celebrated by eating a turkey sandwich the next day.

Good to hear about Rays reception. I still want to know where in guatemala the wife is from. What part? What zone of the capital? Or from one of the departments? The curiosity is killing me.

Ya im sure that Grandpa is a little slower now. I mean, he is 90. But he is famous in the gospel priciples class here. I usually end up teaching the class because the teacher doesnt show up.
I usualy mention grandpa in some aspect when we takl aboutthe basic principles of the gospel.

Good idea to give the nativity to granny hamblin. i would send others but there isnt time before christmas. I guess you´ll just have to buy them when you come down :)

Haha no i dont expect written mail from the fam. Its easier to go email. If you want i suppose you can but the computer is easier. Only friends do the written letter. I have several people that owe me letters. i am still waiting on that. We´ll see if there is mail for me wednesday at changes.

Haha good to hear that the girls are planning my marriage. In the mission i have begun to learn and dominate the skills of goal setting, priorities, planning and scheduling. I shall put that into practice after the mission with the chicas. I´ll schedule out the dates i want to go on, how many ¨new investigators¨ i want to find that week etc. Hahaha thanks sisters for the help.

And mom i think you are right, the majority of these misionaries i mention are going to go to the homecoming of President Baldwin. So we will see all of them. I assume. I´ll ask hermana baldwin what ward they go to and we´ll be there.

The package hasn´t got here yet but i´ll let you know.

In other news, i am loosing weight. I now use a beltloop smaller than i did a few months ago. I am disapearing! And if i go to the coast onwednesday (and i think i will) i am going to evaporate. Also i have learned to love my morning exercise time and i take avantage of it so that may have something to do with my skininess. But dont worry yourselves, i eat like a guatemalan horse! I just all gets sweated out, walking every day.

So something very interesting happened this week. We passed a man and his wife sitting on the curb talking and so we went up and talked to them. He told us that he liked to read the bible and started talking with us. At one point in the conversation he started talking about israel and the gentiles. and then he said. ¨Pero yo soy gentil¨ But i am a gentile he said.

he mentioned all the blessing promised to the house of israel and made it clear that he was not a member of it. I then started to try and explain that he is VERY MUCH of the house of israel. It is just like Isiah prophesied in 1 nephi 22: 4 to 9 and 2 nephi 21;12. The house of israel was scattered and then forgot that they are the children of Jacob. But what did the Lord do? Send an army of gentiles to go and remind them and carry them home to zion.

Here i am, calling israelites to remeberance that they are actually israelites. Its kind of ironic but that is the main focus of the writings of isiah found in the BOM. Im just gathering scattered Israel down here, no big deal or anything. Dont mind me.

BUt other than that not alot is going on. time is flying and before we knw it i wil be talking with you all on the phone at the 18 month mark. Weird.

I am doing fine and anticipation a transfer to the coast. Maybe i can pay president to send me back to solola. heehheh


Elder Davis

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