Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

well hey there

Wow that is so weird that markee has 2 kids. Go figure. When will eric be home? Nash looks completely different by the way. All the niƱos do. Its weird.

Wow reeece is already done with school. THat went by quickly. But then again my LIFE is going by quickly. Right now in the interet cafe i am in, a song is playing that was my favorite freshman year. That now occurs to me that that was over 5 years ago. Holy Vaca.

Thanks for emailing elder mellvile. I also need you to do the same to elder douglas. Just tell him about the blog so he can keep up. He wrote me this week. his email is

Im sure those puppies are scared for their life with camdyn and them there with them. Poor little things. Its so weird! Nash couldnt even talk when i left. I´ve never seen davis charlee or peyton. ya. nuts.

no i can´t skype. but there is the technology here of course. As ¨junglish¨ as your mental picture of guatemala isnt like that. You´ll see how it is soon. hehehe

Well this week has been good. It is COLD! It seems weird that its like that here but it is. I have to wear my jacket and it got down to 8 degrees here in the capital. I have no idea what that is in american degrees but....its cold.

Also i should probably explan some of the stuff in the package. The little stone that says utchi is a symbol they found in some site down here and it literally translates ¨and it came to pass¨. Supposedly some of the reasearchers who analyzed the book of mormon were converted purely becasue that phrase ¨and it came to pass¨ appears so many times. i got that stone as a prize from hna. baldwin for reading the bom. its a mission activity.

also the top i sent. mom you have to learn how to spin it. Im sure you can get it but it takes practice. i cant explan how to throw it. i would look online...its REALLY fun. and i sent the biscuit a tie. its a sweet tie to get him pumped for the mish. and it is by far not one of the better ones i have. the best is yet to come chantz.

Also this week i went on divisions with the Assistants. Elder Montoya and i spent the day in his area. Almost exactly 1 year ago him and i went on divisions in amatitlan. we were both junior comps. and now he is assitant. it was really funny and ironic. he is a great kid and sings like an angel. not fair.

Well i think that is all i have to say. I plan on sending a disk of photos soon. there are some good videos on there. alos, my shoes are so ghetto now. i LOVE it. There are holes and stuff. its the best. but no worries, if i need no ones i can get them. also i bought a new suit this week. it should be all tailored and done soon. and if elder douglas is reading this i got almost the same suit as you. luckily we live in diferent states or that would be awkward. hopefully we never run into eachother wearing them. we would have to fight to the death.

oh and mom tell amy reece that her letter got to me and that i will be waiting for her mission addresss from her or julie. she is gonna speak chineese! thats crazy. i recently sent something to julie, you could ask if it got there if you have the chance.

well gotta run

elder davis

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