Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Family

Well here we are in the coast still. Right now i am in La Gomera, Guatemala writing to you. Good times.

This week was good, full of activities and craziness but we got it all done. But the first order of business is the Christmas Calls. You all should call me. I think the 25th would be better. Next week i will read your response and you just tell me the hour and the day and i will wait for your call. My number is 55233459. Do all the code business and all that. Respond back and let me know what day and what hour will be best and i will be in the house to answer.

I dont think i mentioned this but now that i am in Santa Lucia i am no longer in a stake, but rather a district. So long wards hello branches. Not that i mind, but a branch is much different from a ward. For example this week i led the music, my comp blessed the Sacrament and we both taught the Priesthood class. It always works like that. Inorder to progress a branch needs MEN! So that is always the goal, baptize men.

Also just a quick note that i thought would be interesting for you all. What do you think the number one cause of argument in a companionship is? I con only speak for myself (and no i dont argue with my comps, but sometimes these things come up) but from what i have seen we Elders bicker most about ¨which way is faster¨. For example ¨Its quicker to cut through the corn field to get to Julios house.¨ ¨No it isnt elder its the same distance either way¨ ¨No its quicker to go through the corn field.¨ ¨The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line Elder¨ ¨I understand that but i{ve been here in the area longer and im telling you it doesnt matter which way we go.¨ Haha like i said its not a big deal, but that comes up alot.

I have been a little sick like i said and i still havent figured out why. I know that the heat has a lot to do with my feeling weak all the time. I try to drink lots of water but i dont feel like i am well hydrated. And to be honest i am underweight. I have ALWAYS been a little underweight but now im aproaching toothpick stage. I eat a ton but a work a ton too so i am now making a plan to get fat. What foods are really fatty and will help me not dissapear out here in the coast? Because it looks like i will be here in february and march, right when the heat starts and so i need some reserves to work off of.

So as i mentioned we are in the sugar cane harvest and that means that semitrucks are always passing full of sugar cane stalks. But apparently we are at risk becasue we always walk along the highway and sometimes those big ol stalks fall off and WHAP! busted face. It hasent happned to me yet but....its possible.

I still havent recieved the christmas package but ims sure it has already arrived in the office.This tuesday 21 of december we are going to have a ¨super p-day¨ with the whole mission and they will give it to me there. We are going to have games, a barbeque, recieve packages, get to be with president, and there is mention of a water baloon fight. We will see how she turns out. We have never had an activity like this and its really funny to me that president is putting it on. It goes to show his ¨air force colonel¨ shell is just a cover to his inner child.........OK that is not true at all. Undreneath the shell of RIchard Baldwin is another shell. I imagine this is all the doing of Sister Baldwin. hahahaha

Good to hear that biscuit got all state. And good to hear that Bauer is home safe and sound. I imagine that Lot and the others will be home soon too.

Well gotta run. I love you all and let me know what day will be best for the Christmas call.

Love Elder Davis


sunshine said...

I never thought there still are "real" missionaries, preaching out their credo's, spreading the Word and giving themselves up in favor of others. the internet proved me wrong...even though i do not share the same religion with you, not even the same language(I apologize for any of the grammar errors)i want to congratulate you for the work done so far away from home1

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