Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20th 2010


Well hi there! ITs Chrtistmas time down here in Guatemala and sadly it will be the last Christmas i spend here. The time goes by quickly but...onward and upward.

So all this Katie business sounds lame. She has gross seepage in her abdominal cavity i imagine then. nasty. Well katie get better! I will be praying for you and we´ll chat about it on Christmas.

My phone number is 55233459. I will be able to talk for 40 minutes and i will be waiting in the house at 1 guatemala time. You figure out what time you need to call to make it work but ill answer for sure.

Felicidades for Reece on getting a job offer in Vegas. All that study time paid off it looks like. But that would be sweet if you could come to Az, the land of plenty. And the school situation in Eagar sounds pretty bad. But the brightside (and there always is one) is that at least its not a Guatemalan school. A typical guatemalan school has a tin roof and not enough chairs and desks. It isnt common but i have seen schools that are just made out of tin and dont have cement walls or anything. So count your blessings.

As for my weight i dont know how much i weigh exactly but lets put it this way...less. Speaking of that i took the set of pills they call ´the bomb´ to clean out the worms and paracites. I actually do feel much more energetic, i dont know if its just my imagination but i think it helped. Now i dont have to provide food for my little buddies down there. We´ll see if that helps me gain more weight.

The true grit reamake sounds worth a shot. No one can fill John Waynes boots but then again we must remeber that many people didnt want them to make the original movie, thinking that it wouldnt match up to the book. so cross your cogburns and hope for the best. Just PLEASE tell me that glen cambell is not in this one. PLEASE!!!

Other than that we had a good week. I went to the beach to not swim. That was fun and i will send photos. The beach is surprisingly close to my house and i think ill go back soon. ON the way to the beach i heard the song ¨Achey Breakey Heart¨ in spanish. What is this country coming to?!

OH and in other news the mision famous ¨Davis Part¨ is now gone. I shaved the head on account of the heat and lack of time to comb my hair in the morning. SHe will be missed. But im sure she will come back soon.

Haha also i may or may not but definately did accidentaly brake the word of wisdom the other day. Haha a lady opened a box of cookies and gave me one. I took a bite out of it and then asked to see the box. It was written in Enlgish so she didnt know but i had a 40 percent coffee filling. Ha ooops. But i did not do it on purpose so i think im good. Its sort of like when a bum splashes beer on my face. Not my fault.

I am working hard to get adjusted to my new area and new branch. I was in my last area for so long that everyone (even the drunks and the homeless people) knew me. Here no one knows me and i dont know them . So i am working to establish the relationship of trust with them all but it is hard and im not used to doing it. But little by little they are liking me. The problem is i havent visited them all. WHy? Because i dont know where they live and neither does my comp. But were getting there.

But i am doing good down here for my last Christmas away from Arizona ever. I think i feel a little more nostalgic this Christmas than last, but i will see you all in 6 months. THe time goes by way too fast, im both excioted and horrified to end the mission. I just gotta make the most of my 6 months i have left.

But Christmas time is so special, and it is a wonderful time to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that He is my savior.

I testfiy to each and every one of you that the Mesiah all of Israel was waiting for was him, Jesus. He CHOSE to be born in the most humble of circumstances, showing to all of us that even if we live in humnble conditions, unnoitced by the world, we can be great in the eyes of God.

I know that he loves me. I can feel it every time i talk about huim and when i think about what he did for me. I know that he suffered some pretty terrible things so that you and i can repent. And he did it because he loves us.

I know that he loved the poeple that nailed him to the cross jsut as much as me and you. He is our perfect example in all things.

I have never seen Jesus Christ, but i testify to you as one of his true messengers here on the earth that one day WE WILL ALL stand face to face with him.

We will see the marks in his hands and side and feet and know that is our savior. Our duty is to prepare ourselves and our families for that day, so that we may be ready.

This christmas Jesus doesnt want gold or frankensnce anyhting else we could buy him. THis Christmas he just wants us to follow him. Do what he did.

This CHristmas please do something nice for someone else. THat is what he wants. And you will feel his aproval in your soul as you do it.

I know that the baby born in bethlehem is the Son of God and that we are members of his true church. Share that with the family.

I lvoe you all and we will see eachother real soon.

Love Elder Davis

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