Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8th

i am in a whole new world......

and i dont mean that in the sweet disney sing-along way.

I am (as predicted) in Santa Lucia. It is all so different and after being in nimajuyu for 7 and a half months it feels weird to be anywhere else. But im slowly adjusting. My new comp (as i said it would be) is elder Aguilar, lovingly dubbed ´crazy pants¨ by the others in the mision. he is a bit nutty. New comp means new accent .He is from honduras so i am having to get used to the honduras accent again,

Well i am here in the coast area, its rather rural and calm and the buzz here is sugar cane. Miles and miles of sugar cane as far as the eye can see. And how do they harvest it? When it ripens they light the fields on fire and then cut down the burnt stalks of cane and then take it to the factory to get processed. That means that there is black ash falling from the sky all the time. This time of year is called ¨zafra¨. Its hard to find men cause they are all working 24-7 in the zafra. What a fun adventure.

You´ll never guess who my newest investigator is. His name jose ramirez? juan gonzales? pedro juarez? nope Ken Martin. That right i am teaching a white guy down here. He is down here for a list of interesting reasons. The kicker is that he doesnt speak a lick of spanish. I do all the teachig in english,. talk about weird. But hes a great guy.

This week was fast sunday and i got to hear a great testimony. it was obviously my first week here and i man struggled up to the pulpit on crutches. He began his testimony by sharing his gratitud for his new ¨assistants¨ the crutches. he said that before he was using old wooden crutches but he recently got new fancy metal ones. He was so grateful for the new crutches. Sometimes these people make me feel like a terribe person. They are so grateful for everything they have and let the Lord know about their gratitude. We are awfullly spoiled.

Another thing that happened this week was i went to grab my alarm clock and i realized a mouse had climbed on top of it and pooped on it! I put my hand right in the little rodent nuggetd he left for me. There are lots more creatures and adventures down here than in the capital. I was almost feeling a little bored with Guatemala, like i had seen all she had to show. Wrong-o. The coast is alot more how YOU all imagine guatemala. Rivers, all green, snakes, jungles, volcanes etc. I like it. Its so book of mormonish.

For example the other day we ran out of water in the tank on the roof and had to go and get water from the neighbors and carry it in buckets to the house and bathe ourselves by dumping cups at a time. That is adventure. In this house have lived many elder s i know and love. For example my uncle elder cassity, my cousin (and comp) elder romero, elder winters (my fake half cousin in law in real life) elder johnson (my brother) and others. Tell elder winters i finished off the jar of peanu butter he left in the house. Thanks buddy!!

But all in all its going great out here. Aparntly there is a coral snake that hangs out infront of our house. kinda dangerous. We also went to the office for a meeting and i got to wear.....MY NEW SUIT! Ill try and send some pictures.

But i had to say goodbye to nima and hello to santa lucia. Im ok with that. ill miss the people in nima alot but i know i will see them really soon. Speaking of that mom and dad you gotta getmoving on the passport thing!

I got sick this week like a did a few weeks ago wit hthe sweating and the chills and shivering and headache and all that. Who knows why.I think it might be diaharea induced dehydration. Too much info? probably...

Wel i gotta go, i love you all and well talk soon

love race

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