Monday, December 27, 2010

Decenber 27, 2010


hey there fam

well it is now past christmas time and headed for the new year of 2011. Who knows where that time went.

It was good to talk to you all , although i do not think that i sound hispanic at all. I think YOU all sound like a bunch of Gringos. But i sent a bunch of photos today. I dont have photos from the christmas party that we put on yet but maybe next week. But no mom sister baldwin wont put photos of that up on the blog. She wasnt there. It was just us misionaries here in Santa Lucia.

But hey before anything else mom did you invite Elder Weiler to the blog? I sent you the address last time. Invite him and also send him the following from me:
Hey elder weiler gracias por dispedirse de mi antes de ir a su casa. Yo pense que por lo menos me iba a llamar o algo asi pero todos modos no estoy tan enojado. Yo vi photos de usted y su familia en el blog. Calidad. Bueno, esta invitado a mi blog para que sepa como es la mision ya que usted no esta aca. Pero no tenga pena, yo seguire bautizando a los chapines en su ausencia.

Gracis por todo hermano y que sus sueƱos vuelen tan alto como las aguilas, es mi humilde suplica

atte Elder davis

ok that is all for elder weiler.

Other than that i had a good christmas. We had a huge ¨super p day¨as a mission and i got to see lots of old friends. We met up in ¨las colinas¨ in the mountains and watched a movie, played sports and hung aroud with president. it was great. then here in santa we just ate lots of tamales for christmas and had our zone activity with the pancakes and all that i mentioned on the phone, it was a great christmas.

In other news there is a BAT in my house. He came in our window and is there every night. When we come home and turn on the light the thing goes nuts and flies around like crazy. It comes back every night and my comp is TERRIFIED that its going to bite his neck and suck his blood. I keep telling him that its not really like that but he claims that the movies dont lie and so when the bat is in the house he ties a sheet around his neck so that it doesnt ¨chupar su sangre¨ hahahah

speaking of crazy animals, on christmas night we ate dinner with our branch president. I had just finished eating my tamales (2). I cleared my plate and just then a gecko fell from the tin roof right onto w here my food was moments earlier. i got lucky.

also this week we were on our way to anther city and we got off of a bus second before it fell into a ditch. It was really funny cause the right weels fell ito a 3 foot ditch and the whole bus was stuck. Once again, i got lucky.

Also i saw in the newspaper this morning that as of this week (including the murders that happened on christmas) there have been over 6000 murders in guatemala in 2010. I have been in this country all of 2010. How did i not become one of those 6000? I guess i got lucky.

In church this week we talked a bit about new years resolutions. I began to think about things i would like to accieve in 2011 and set new years resolutuions. I thought¨i want to do this with my companion and do that with the zone and find x number of new investigators¨ etc, and then it occured to me that ALSO for my 2011 goals i have to include ¨real life¨ goals like ¨get a job, get a cell phone, go to college, etc.¨ That blew my mind. THis week we officially end my ¨black year¨ of 2010. All of which was spent in the mission field. Best year of my life up til now. I had a lot of great expieriences this year. How? I guess i got lucky.

austin gregory is serving in the same mission as the sister of an elder in my zone. Tell elder gregory to keep an eye out for sister porter from mesa az. Her brother is the one that answered the phone and said i got bit by a dog. She is speaking spanish.

from the pictures it looks like you had a merry christmas. im glad to see it and the kids are HUGE!!! I didint even recognize some of the kids they are so different from when i left.

And yes mom chantz could go to any place in the whole world. If he learns spanish i would really happy and if he speaks english he will be lucky (teaching the gospel in your native language is a whole different expirience) and if he speaks another language i will study that language while he is in the field. It will be awesome. Wel i gotta go now but have a happy new year and we will talk next monday. Thanks for the picture and i hope you liked minde!

Elder Davis

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