Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 january 2011

Hey Fam,

Its elder Davis. I am just waiting around and have a little bit of time to write you all. I am waiting til lunch becasue afterward we have a meeting with President M. Russel Ballard of the quorm of the Twelve. No big deal right. I{ll write you about that next week,

But this week that went by was great, it was very very busy. The first thing I should probably mention is that i got robbed. Someone broke into our house while we were at a meeting and took all my money. The funny thing is that we live in a really nice closed community, and we still got robbed. They came in and all they took was my money. That is actually a good thing becuase they didnt take my camera or anything. But they stole about 3000 quetz from me. That was my savings from my whole mission. I had planned to give it all back to the mission, but so it goes.

Also i was given the ´chicote´ for my shoes. I have used the same shoes since day 1 in my mission. That means that my shoes have almsot 19 months of walking on them. But this week President Baldwin told me that i needed to have shoes that were more presentable. So i went to the paca and got myself some Rockports for 6 dollars. They are newer and look much nicer. But hey, what do you expect from a 19 month old missionary?

Also this last week the famous Elder Tax went home. It was sad to see him go, especially considering the fact the he was my companion twice, but he is now with his family which is great. I got to be the last to say goodbye to him before he left. Weird.

Oh and also mom (this doesnt need to be blogged) you have mentioned that you want to schedule appointments for me, i need one with the orthodontist. my bottom teeth have gone back to their crooked ways. Ya. 19 months of tortillas will do that i think.

But now to respond to your email. I am glad to hear that you had the prompting to pray for me that night because i was quite literally freaking out that night. Nice timing biscuit.

ya President told me about the shooting spree in tucson. That is a shame and a half. Its stuff like that that happens every day here.

Sounds like Chant´z´s preperation for college and all that is going along well. Tell him to pray alot becasue i didnt have planned to go to EAC until i prayed and then it was like DING! and i knew that was where i needed to go. So ya,

Also this week i went back to Solola (the mountains) and got to hang out with my comp and some other elders at the lake, I´ll attach photos.

But other than that all is great. My new companion is the greatest. He is a great person and we are working together well. he is a really humble guy and he make me want to be better. Good times. Exept for right now he just asked me if the roads were paved in Eagar. ugghhh,

Me and Elder Montoya went to pricemart this week, pricemart is the guatemalan branch of Costco. We bought BOLOGNA!!! we were really excited there because there aare american things. It was very special.

Also this week we burnt all of Elder Montoya´s letters and pictures from his girlfriend (who is now engaged). It was a very healthy expirience because Elder Monty got out his inner fury and aggresion. It was great. I took videos and i will show them too you some time. hahahah

Ok so how did the whole Romania thing turn out? Have you talked to them recently? Keep me updated.

Well i better get running so that i can attach the photos i took up there in Solola.

Love Elder Davis

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