Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Family,

Well, excuse my tardiness in writing. I was transfered from Santa Lucia! My new area is called Boca Del Monte, and i have recieved a new assignment along with the new area. In my new assignment i will be working with President Baldwin a little more closely. I now have a larger stewardship to be over and a LOT more responsibility. Im happy with it though. My mission will be changing drastically, but what that means for you all is maybe shorter emails. I also dont know exactly what day i will be writing to you, most likely it will be Friday or Saturday. Other than that, i am still Elder Davis. my new companion is Elder MONTOYA! based on the last name and his brown skin color you might just think he is from down here, but little known fact, he is from Linden Utah. hahaha he has been a great buddy in the mission since my 2nd change and so i am very excited to be with him. I will only be with him for 1 change and then i will recieve another.

But anyways this week was excellent, I was running around packing all my stuff up and preparing myself to go back to the capital. The funny part is that i basically shaved my head, thinking that i would be in the coast for the hottest part of the year. It was not an expected change at all. But i shaved my head two days before i found out i would be headed to the capital again. Talk about bad timing. But by any means, here i am with a shaved head. It is COLD in the capital.

The big news of the week would probably be the fact that i got to play with an ipad. I went to a shoping center on an assignment for President and we got to see one and play with it. That thing is the COOLEST!!!! Its just like an ipod touch but ginormous. It was pretty sweet. Also as part of my new assignment i now am driving a car. ya talk about terror, driving after 18 months is dificult enough but in Guatemala it is even more terrifying and hard. But thats what your prayers are for :)

As for the after mission schooling, i am planning on going back to EAC for one year more. my scholarship was supposedly held over but you could call and check on it i suppose. And i am glad you liked the pictures of the rocks, i will take you to them after the mission when we come down. You will ove it down here there is so much interesting Book of Mormon stuff. One of the rocks down there in Santa has a glyph on it that depicts the birth of the mayan people. The believe that they descended from 7 original fathers. Those have been identified by BOM; scholars as Nephi Laman Lemuel Zoram Ishmael Jacob and Joseph. The BOM talks about 7 tribes that have the names Nephites Zoramites Josephites etc. Very interesting.

Well i am very excited about my new companion. He is a very humble guy and we have always got along. We will be getting into lots of adventures in the next little while. He is really nice and i will send pics as soon as possible. In other news, elder Tax went home this week along with several other friends of mine. It is weird to see the old guys headed home and then realize that i am one of the old guys too. But i have lots of time left, dont you worry about that.

So all the people love the pics of the girls in the corte and of Davis in his snow suit. I printed them off recently, I show them to lots of people. The kids are getting so big that i cant belive it. Weird.

Well i had better go because i want to attach some photos. But i love you and i will write you again maybe next saturday.

gotta run (literally)

Elder Davis

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