Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29, 2011

Dear Mom,

Well this week was fun. We traveled alot, from the mountains to the coast and back to the capital. Elder Montoya and myself were in the van alot but we had a good time. I´ll try and attach some photos.

Ya heard you were going to be getting a letter from president. I imagine its pretty short. What did it say, just out of curoisity? And on the Elder Ballard conference it was greatI There were lots of missionaries there and because of the time we were not able to shake his hand but he spoke to us (in english) and it was a great fireside. he spoke about the importance of fixing the problems in our branches as wards. ¨Is the branch not having branch council? Fix It!!¨ He used the phrase fix it about 10 times. But i actually ran into Elder Jordan Udall right before the conference. I only got to see him for a few seconds but he looked great.

So you mentioned the beach trip. When were you thinking about going? Icertainly hppe it doesnt conflict with anything.

Also you didnt email the pictures of the wood stove. I would love to see them.

As i mentioned this week we were traveling a lot for zone conference. We had to do 3 seperate conferences, wednesday, thursday and friday. I got to see literally every missionay in the mission. It was pretty fun and Elder Montoya and I did a good job with our presentation.

Other than that life has been good. My new lifestyle is very different but i enjoy it. It is very fast paced and high stress but that keeps me on my toes. We are constantly calling, aranging, verifying, setting up, taking down, picking up, dropping off and planning. But a rolling stone gathers no Guatemalan moss...

I am planning on sending a box home with an elder from Mesa. His name is Elder Zeigler. He knows the family of elder Deering (also from mesa). Elder Deering´s sister is friends with ashlee martin who does in very fact happen to be my realative. Ergo i wish to make the following handoff Elder Davis-----Elder Ziegler-------Elder Deering´s Sister---------Ashlee Martin--------Mom and Dad.

We´ll see how it goes. I will put in some cool stuff for you all and hopefully another nativity set. I will for sure be sending a book about the mayans, some clothes, and a set of brass weights that the people in the mountains use to weigh things that are mentioned in alma 11. Ya, cool stuff.

Mom you mentioned aplications to EAC, you could call them and ask about my scholarship status. I went in and did all that they asked me to do to save my scholarship, so it should be fine. But that is my plan right now, go back for 2 more semesters and get FANTASTIC grades in spanish classes (can you say GPA boost?).

Other than that there is no news. All is well in Zion.

Well gotta run.

Love elder davis

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