Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3rd 2011

Wow! Its already 2011! Holy Shnikies

Well this week was great. We had success misionary-wise and i did some fun things. The first cool thing i gotta tell you about is finding ruins on p-day.

So as i mentioned on the phone, the coast is alot more ¨Guatemala-like¨ than the other parts of the country. Here in the coast the mental picture you all have of guatmeala is a reality. There is jungle, lizards, rivers, fields, volcanos, etc. There are also mayan ruins.

THis p-day we went ruin hunting in a sugar cane field. The field is constantly being plowed and run over by tractors and so me mostly find broken pottery and stuff. But i found the handle of what was once a relly big pot. I also found part of an arrow head. SOme of the other elders have found little mayan dolls in that field. THey are made of clay and look like something straight out of Indiana Jones. This week they got their hands on doll that is a tigers head. It has teeth and all. It is really interesting stuff and i will go look for more later on. I will attach pics of some of the stuff we saw.

This week we also walked a whole lot. I got a fatty blister. I´ll attach photos.

Hahah so my comp walks really slow some times and so i have devised a plan to help him put a little more skip in his step. He loves music and singing. He is always tapping his toes or humming something. So my plan (which works really well) is sing a song that will make him walk faster. If i sing a slow song he walks slow. And so when we are late to an appointment and he doesnt have his hustle on i start singing ¨The ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah¨ and he starts marching in beat with my song. I dont think he has realized yet that i do it to make him hurry up. But it works every time.

Also, tommorow i get to go to the TEMPLE!!!!! Whoo hooo i am really excited for that. We have a meeting with President Baldwin and we are going to go to the temple. I am very happy about that.
Other big news is that i get to meet another Apostle. President D. Todd Christofferson will be in my chapel Jan 18th. Its gonna be awesome. President Ballard will be going to the near by area of Escuintla. I am really excited and hopefully i get to see him up close.

I was thinking the other day that Time magazine comes out with an issue that covers a year when that year ends right? For example, in the grocery store right now there are 2010 magazines for sale right? If there are would you be so kind as to buy me one? I would like to sue it after the mission to be able to refresh my memory and study up on the stuff i missed. Isnt that cool? Every second of every hour of every day of 2010 i was a missionary. Oh ya. BUt now the ¨black year¨ has ended and i must look forward to 2011 and what she brings to me.

But mom dont you worry, im not focused on coming home. I think about, i have to be honest. But every time i think about it motivates me to work harder. I will NEVER be able to come back and live these minutes again. 5 minutes i waste today will never come back, no matter how much i want it to. I only have 6 months left. That means i only have 6 months to be able to say ¨as i representative of Jesus Chtist....¨. I will not be allowed to say that soon. I am using my time as well as i can. THere isnt much left! So dont you worry about it, im focused.

But other than that i am doing fine. Please tell anyone that asks about me that i am doing fine. Tell them it is hot here and that i killed an anaconda yesterday on the way to sacrament meeting.

Love you all, im gonna now attach pictures

Love race davis, misionary man.

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