Sunday, February 6, 2011

Febrary 5, 2011

Hey Familiy

Well the time is just FLYING by. I am already ending week 4 of the change with Elder Montoya. I am sad that its going by so quickly because we are having a great time together. And the scary part is that in just 2 weeks i will recieve a new companion and i will have to teach him how to do this job. I have only done it for 6 weeks and will have to teach someone else to do it. We'll see how that works out. heheh

But other than that our week was great. We went to PriceSmart, which is the guatemalan PriceClub. Its the exact same store, execpt everything is in spanish. It is where the mission buys all its stuff because it is cheaper. It is also one of the only places around to have american products. The peanut butter is a very demanded item. We went on a run there to buy our personal groceries as well as the things the elders in the mission needed and mission supplies. Its very weird to walk in becuase its kind of like walking out of Guatemala and into the USA: free samples, huge jugs of chocolate syrup, etc.

So there is a very embarasing video of me doing the famous guatemalan ¨chicken dance¨ on the mission blog. I of course do it with my special twist. That was at the zone leader council. Elder Lowry is also in the video. Good times.

Well i feel very lame but i dont have alot of other news to write. I went on divisons this week in Amatitlan, near my second area. I went with elder lewis from oklahoma that came into the mission with me. That was fun. Next week i will go with the elders in Nimajuyu, my old home. That should be really fun.

I sent home a letter the other day for valentines day. you should get it soon, i hope you like it. hahah is the result of me and elder montoya being al little silly. THis week i may or may not but definately am going GOLFING down here. Ya. Its gonna be ridiculous. There are about 12 of us in total that will be going. It should be a good time. It will be this p-day. Luckily President Baldwin loves golf, im sure thats why he gave us permision.

wow, that sounds crazy about the coach semore thing. why did they fire him? I can imagine that was a huge disaster in the school. The kids love him. But at least he got his job back.

i now have the biggest stess attacks about MONEY. I dont think i will be able to spend dollars when i get home. I have gotten very used to using quetzales and buying stuff down here. for example, if you send me to the store to buy some groceries and i see the price at the register as, for example, 25 dollars. I will FREAK OUT! 25 dollars!!!!! do you know how long i could live on 25 dollars down here! Its gonna be a BIG transition. Just thinking about plane tickets and prices etc. makes me sick to my stomach. yikes.

elder douglas and elder hatch both wrote me this week. That was fun. I hope they are doing well, it looks like they are.

Well i gotta run, well talk later

love race

PS respond to all my questions about travel-hotel-schedule stuff please.

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