Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10th 2011

Hey there family,

This week was a good one. We found 3 families in our area (which is the weekyl standard for the misison) and got a lot of work done. It was good feeling to get out and hit the pavement. Other than that not a lot went on. I did get a great p-day activity in.....GOLF!!!!!!! Yes thats right i went and played 9 holes of golf this p-day. It was fantastic.

There were about 12 of us that went. We all bought polo shirts at the locas pacas (guatemalan thrift store things) and wore mission slacks. I got my hands on some golf cleaats and we went to town. I played in a group of 5 with the following: Myself, elder Montoya, Elder Musick, Elder Jacobs, and Elder Park. It was an office elder reunion (they are all former office secretaries.) we had a great time and i got a little sunburnt. I will attach photos.

The course is really super nice. It is in villa nueva guatemala and its called mayan golf club. Im sure you cold google that and see some better photos. It has a great view of lake amatitlan and the course (like the rest of guatemala) is incredibly green. We had a caddy named mynor. He was possible the coolest guatemalan caddy i have ever played 9 holes with. I didnt play terribly and it was really fun. I did have to loosen up a little, i mean i havent swung a club in about 2 years. But it was a good morning of relaxation. President Baldwin fully supported the idea (he is a big golfer).

We are preparing for transfers right now, which is pandemonium in the office. I am trying to learn and remember all i can so that next change i can show my new comp how to do it correctly. Under pressure. ¨do do do dodo do do¨

Another funny thing about being in the office (as i mention in my last letter) are the jokes about how old i am in the mission. The office staff kindly pointed out to me the fact that i only have 4fast sundays left in guate. Thanks for the heads up, guys. Its all in fun and like i say, i dont get homesick or anything. It just makes me want to work harder. But i am the ¨old man´´ so i get picked on a bit. hahah

Along those lines, all of my stuff is starting to fall aprt. Hahah evidence of my time well spent in the field. My favorite pants are starting to rip and most of my shirts are getting pretty thin. My watch band broke last week and my backpack zipper is starting to go south. They arent major problems, and its nothing i cant fix, but its just a reminder that some things dont last 2 years (like a 15 dollar target watch). Like i said its not a problem or anything (dont freak out mom) but i think its funny.

When it comes to the trip down, 800 bones is a lot of money for a roundtrip ticket. And president baldwin will not be here when i end my mission and so it wont be possible for you to see hi as my mission president. its actually possible that he wont even give me my last interview. I will probably be with the new misison president for my last 4 days or so. Thats how it will work. It will be a little unfortunate but its not a big deal at all. We will get to go to his homecoming i imagine.

but we need to be making some decisions pretty qucikly because ticket prices are just gonna go up. I talked to a gringo who is down here (jeremy wright, served in north mission a while back, is down doing humanitarian work) and he said he got round trip tickets for 550. He went to orbits and expedia and all that and looked for deals. We need to be constantly checking and verifying. My preference would be that we all come back together. But i also know that it may end up pretty expensive, especially considering the fact that we are going to the beach right after. Think about it, talk about it and email me. If you have any tidbits or ideas you can email me apart from the big email you send every week becasue i have to check my email every day. So talk about it and let me know. Ifwe have to put the guatmeala trip off until later on that would be ok too. But like i said if it were possible it would be really fun. the expensive part would only be plane tickets. the hotels and food i can talke care of for really cheap.

but other than that, i am glad true grit was good. and good on chantz for keeping the list for me. And i think you are the ones that have changed, not me! The kids are so big and everyone looks different. I am just a little more brown and skinny. and i speak spanish. but i look exacatly the same i think.

i am glad you like the chicken dance. it is designed as a humiliating punishment. And we only play games like that at the zone leader council. all the elders in that room are zone leaders. president is much more relaxed with us. But he is still vry much COLONEL Baldwin if you please. His wife is very nice and low key. They are a very funny couple.

that is great that chantz went with the elders. I know i didnt really like it that much when i went, but i only went once. And now i realize that the elders i went with were not very obedient at all. But chantz needs to go, not only for his sake but because he is an 18 year old male and so the elders can use him to go into a house with only women. that is very useful to us elders.

oh the super bowl...ya. I have totally forgotten about baseball anyway.

good to hear about all the other news you sent me. Its funny to think about convert baptisms in eagar, but that is great that there have been some great things happening. I hope evrything gets better with the coach seymore situation. I will be praying for him,

Well better go and get the pictures attached. Also the office is getting new computers. Whoo hoo!!!!!

Gotta run

love elder davis

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i have totally forgotten about baseball....oh that kid.