Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011

Dear Family,

Hey! This was a fun week! Full of excitement and adventure that is for sure. Thanks for the emails and the updates. Well lets get started...

I am glad you got the valentines day card. haha we thought it was pretty funny. I think even President got a kick out of it.

wow that is so great that ashlee and colin are going to be able to adopt!! I am very happy for them and please give them my congratulations.

This week we were on a lot of divisions, we went with Chimaltenango, some elder in Mariscal and in Santa Lucia. The divisons are the thing that tire me out most, we sleep on cots at the elders´ house. A less-than-six foot cot for a six foot 2 inch elder makes for a memorable expiriecne. But divisons are also the most fun.

This week ANOTHER stride was made in the tortilla field of science, i ate a Peanut Butter and Jelly Tortilla. Tortillas are the replacement for whatever substance that is lacking. Bread, napkins, you name it a tortilla will take its place.

This week was also very special because we did changes with President Baldwin. I can describe all of the process in an email but basically we went to president´s house and began with a prayer. In his office we first took down my companions picture from the AP1 slot and put my picture there. Then we replaced the AP2 slot with the picture of my new companion. I cant tell you who it is just yet but you will soon find out. hehehe

Then we began with the zone leaders. We took down the ZL s that are going home and that needed to leave their areas because of a lot of time there. We replaced them with new Zone Leaders. We than did basically the same process for district leaders and senior companions. We chose who would be the trainers etc. It was a very spiritual afternoon and i felt very guided in many of our decisons. For example, this change we will need a new office secretary. President said he hadn´t made a firm decision on who it would be and gave us his list of 6 posible candidates. Of the 6 i know 2 or 3 very well. The others i havent even spoken with more than once. But as he said the names i felt that one of the elders i had never evenspken too should be the one. We had a break without making a decision and as we rested elder montoya told me he had the same feeling about the Elder who should be secretary. As we entered the office President told us that he had made his decison. We had all unanimously chosen the same elder. That happened several times during the process. Very special. I now know all the changes of the whole mission. I´m sure i could see the info for a pretty penny. Heheh

So i was thinking recently that when i get home i really want to interview grandpa sherwood. I will use a taperecorder and ask him about lots of stuff. That is my plan.

Hahah also this week a was speaking with a zone leader. A misison is soemtimes a hot bed for gossip and rumors (both good and bad) and while talking with elder Park he said ¨word on the street is that you got a perfect score on the ACT¨. Is that true?¨ Hehehehe i was NOT going to shut that rumor down and so i just said ¨well what do you think i got elder?¨ and then i walked off. Hehehe that rumor will go far and wide. That is gonna be sweet.

On a related note me and elder montoya want to start rumors about ourselves and tell them to the most gossipy elders and see how long it takes to get around the mission.

Well i am going to attach some pictures we took in santa lucia at more rocks. we were down there for divisions and took some P day time to go see them. ill attach them. the big one has bom stuff on it.

well gotta go thanks for everything and i love you all.

Race Davis, esq.

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