Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011

Dear Family

Well today i officially hit the 20 month mark. Wow.

This week was very exciting, I got a new companion, the mission had changes and myself and elder Montoya had a baptism. I´ll start from the beginning. Like i said elder Montoya left. I will miss him alot, he was a great comp. He taught me alot (including a love for SPAM, he opened my eyes) and will do great i his new assignment in Chimaltenango.

But my new companion is now Elder Moore. He is from Virginia and i figured it would be him He is a really good guy and i am glad to have him. We have only been together for a few days but i am sure we will get along fine. We have a lot of similar tastes and so we get along just ducky.

On his first day as assistant he went with me to pick up the new elders from the CCM. We picked up the 6 newbies and started a day of training with them. At one point during the day we had to take the new guys to a crowded bus stop here by the office and let them contact people. we gave them each a Book of Mormon, some pamphlets and a stack of pass-along cards. We told them they had 1 hour and that they had to come back with a stack of references for us. And then i did something that happened to Dad on his first day in the mission. I told them all ¨if you come back with the BOM in your hand then you don't get to eat dinner with us¨. I was mostly kidding of course but i think it got to them because they all gave away their books.

Also this week we took the old elders for their last day in the mission. We always take them after the change meeting to a super fancy mall and let them relax and eat there. While we were at the mall Elder Moore and i went walking about the mall waiting for the elder to finish up. We found some ties for sale in this mall (it seriously is the nicest mall i have ever seen) that cost 700 quets! That is getting close to 100 dollars! It was silly.

We then take them to the Mission home where they have their exit interview with President Baldwin. Then we have a family home evening testimony meeting. After all that is said and done we leave the mission home and go to a nice restaurant to eat. As assistants we get to participate in the whole evening with them and it is very strange. They all have their airline tickets in their pockets and are just hours from going home. We then drop them off at the CCM where they wait until the next morning and their flights. It is a plus to be able to go to dinner with them and get to hear them bear their last testimony.

One of the funnest things about doing things like that is the opportunity you have to be able to talk to President Baldwin. He has lived a very exciting life and has traveled all over. he has gone to the middle east many times, visiting Saudi Arabia, Quatar etc. for business and as a fighter pilot in the air force. He has some crazy stories and we like to hear him tell us about them.

Wow that is so cool about Chantz´s college application stuff. All the office Elder are excited for his BYU acceptance. All of the elders in the office except me went to byu before the mission.

that is so great the Eric is home now. I bet the baby blessing went fine.

Some really exciting news was announced this week, President Baldwin is going home in June and so we are getting a new mission president. His name is Monty Joseph Brough and he is from Utah. I might get to meet him for a few days before i leave. The whole mission is talking about him. He is 47 and supposedly going to bring 2 children with him to the mission. I will be very interesting to see how the mission changes when President Brough arrives. he is the son of the general authority Monty brough. Maybe you remember that name.

Well there isn't a lot of other news. I will write more next week if i have time.

Gotta go,

Elder Davis

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