Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

Dear Family,

Whew, another stressful week has passed. Thanks for asking the question to grandpa, i think i will ask him one every week from now on if i remember. I feel like it is a good way to perserve history.

Ya the other Elders in the office wont quit talking about the BYU basketball team and all that. I still think most people forget that its a game, like freeze tag or chineese checkers. But go team go.

I am pretty sure i will apply to BYU after the mission and after i get good grades for a couple semesters at EAC to erase that unsightly number called a "high school GPA" that is following me like Tommy Lee Jones´ character from the Fugitive. I think it would be a good expierince, we´ll see. I havent really decided what i want to study exactly but i have a much better idea than before the mission.

Speaking of that, one of the big things i have realized out here is that I do not plan on working in Brother Burnham´s line of work for the rest of my life. I might have a job in it during college or something but that will not be my career. Narowing the options, narrowing narrowing.

So this week Elder Moore and I have realized even more things that we have in common. I think Elder Montoya and I were friends becase of the things we didn´t have in common. Elder Moore and i have the same snoody taste in books etc. Its probably the hate of Sons and Lovers as a book and JD Salinger as a human that unite us. If you dont understand the preceeding paragraph, now you know how the other office Elders feel like.

This week we also had the awesome opportunity to go to Santiago Atitlan, the crazy cool area where they speak tzutujil. Elder moore was there and he learned the language and we got to go back on divisions. One of the main reasons we went was to see how the new elder was learning the dialect. I, of course, could offer no opinion on that since it just sounds like jiberish to me. But Elder Moore said that the new missionary is learning well. During the lesson i just pulled out my ensign and went to reading. Hahaha i felt like a new missionary, not knowing what anyone was saying and not being able to contribute. I sent dad a photo of the men in the native wear of the village and i took some pictures of me in the shorts ¨scoff¨ as its called.

The culture up there in the mountains is so interesting. One of the coolest "book of mormon" things has to do with the language. tzutjil is an ancient languge, but it is being influneced with spanish. I dont understand it but when i hear it spoken i hear spanh words thrown in every once and a while. Many words have been lost and are replaced with spanish words. For example there is no word in their languag for pineapple. At one point there was, but it has been lost and no longer exists. So most modern things have spanish names.

However, there is an original anicent tzutujil word, "tish". It means elephant.

Now, if the word exists in original tzutuil, that means that it existed BEFORE the spanish came.

That means that this little isolated tribe of people had contact, or had seen or knew about elephants before the spanish even arrived. that is very intersting, considering the fact that the Book of Mormon mentions elphants as one of the common animals found in the land, something which is often criticized by people attacking the BOM, claiming that the ancient people of the americas didnt have elephants.

According to the tzutujil language, i guess they are wrong.

But good to hear about the boys in the stake getting their calls, too bad no body is coming down here, to the best country in all the land.

On a scale of 1 to 10, i really love Guatemala. Elder Moore and i have already planned a trip back. We are going to write down mayan myths and legends and take photos and put it together in a book about the BOM here in the Guatemala. it will sell like mad in deseret book. hehe

So the question for Grandpa this week is where was he when Pearl Harbor got attacked and how did it affect his mission?

Well family i got to go, love you all and write soon

Love Elder Davis


Rylee said...

"on a scale of 1 to 10 i really love guatemala." he is seriously funny.

Markee said...

I know that part killed me too!!!

Grandma Esther said...

Hi, our dear Grandson. I enjoyed reading your blog. That is very interesting about the elephants. That will be great if you write a book about the legends, etc. It will soon be your birthday and not long before you come home. Are you getting a little "trunky"? I bet you're not. Grandpa and I love you and think of you each day.